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When a Truck Accident Structured Settlement Might Make Sense

3 Days ago Other Source:

... and it makes sense in certain situations. We explain when you and your attorney should negotiate a structured settlement. When You Probably Want a Lump Sum If you have outstanding medical bills that need to be ... read more

How Structured Settlements Impact Financial Aid

100 Days ago Finance Source:

... , there are times when the money from structured settlements will have no impact on financial aid. Learn why. The post How Structured Settlements Impact Financial Aid appeared first on The College Investor ... read more

Joe Biden to nominate facial recognition critic to FTC

132 Days ago Other Source:

... for enough. At the time, Chopra issued a statement saying, “The settlement imposes no meaningful changes to the company’s structure or financial incentives.” In July, the FTC approved a new rulemaking process ... read more

The Sacklers Want Immunity From The Opioid Crisis For A Long List Of Their Associates

156 Days ago News Source:

... , Judge Drain is widely expected to approve the broad structure of Purdue Pharma's bankruptcy plan. Drain has authority to modify the settlement and could shorten the list of Sackler associates released from ... read more