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The January 6 Secret Service Text Scandal Turns Criminal

24 Days ago News Source:

Plus: The FCC cracks down on car warranty robocalls, Thai activists get targeted by NSO's Pegasus, and the Russia-Ukraine cyberwar continues. read more

FCC orders phone service carriers to block 'autowarranty' robocalls: 'Consumers are out of patience and I’m right there with them'

25 Days ago News Source:

... company he or she represents has been trying to get a hold of you and that the warranty on your car has expired or is about to expire. Sometimes, this voice furnishes you with some specific information about ... read more

Maserati offers Extra10 limited powertrain warranty on all new vehicles

9 Days ago Motors Source:

Filed under: Maserati,Car Buying,Ownership,Luxury,Performance Continue reading Maserati offers Extra10 limited powertrain warranty on all new vehicles Maserati offers ... read more

How to stop spam calls in 3 easy steps

40 Days ago Tech Source:

... things about possessing a handset. From the inane ploys to try and trick you — an Obamacare offer! Your car’s warranty is about to expire! Don’t you want to hear about a great home refinance offer? — to … The ... read more

Edmunds: What actions can void your new car warranty?

153 Days ago Finance Source:

A new car warranty is a contract between the automaker and the vehicle owner. read more

Horowitz: Biden’s plan to alleviate fuel crisis? Dilute the fuel supply even more with corn needed for food

120 Days ago News Source:

... storage tanks. Guess who will pay for that? What about when all the car owners who are tricked into using E15 blow through their warranties and public clamor forces us to bail them out? And speaking of ... read more

Can the Car Dealership Really Do That?

180 Days ago Other Source:

You’re ready to sign the contract for your new car. Then, the finance manager tells you that you have to buy an extended warranty. You want the car but find… read more