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6 bad habits that hike your car insurance

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... should compare quotes from several providers,” said Musson. “Some companies are better fits for different situations. You should also consider bundling home or renters insurance with your car insurance because ... read more

Car Insurance Quotes

Source: MarketWatch

Nearly every state in the U.S. requires drivers to carry insurance, but car insurance quotes can vary widely from provider to provider. You can... read more

Your Guide to Insurance Quotes & How to Best Use Them

Source: AOL

Insurance can be a complicated topic, but the concept of an insurance quote is a fairly simple one to grasp: it's basically an offer from an... read more

My insurance company wants to write off my car. With used car prices soaring, can I make them repair it?

Source: The Globe and Mail

In Ontario, insurance companies have a right to write off your car in Ontario and there’s no way to make them fix it read more

Motorists warned that different driving licences can add £1,400 to car insurance

Source: Daily Record

Where you work, the country where you got your liscence and medical conditions could all bump up insurance costs. read more

Your job and education could be determining your car insurance rate

Source: Santa Rosa Press Democrat

I went online last week to get a car insurance quote from Mercury. I went through the process twice, once listing my occupation as engineer. All... read more

How Much Car Insurance Do I Need in Florida?

Source: Raleigh News & Observer

You must carry $10,000 in both personal injury protection and property damage liability coverage to legally drive a four-wheeled vehicle in Florida. read more

Drivers warned over certain driving licence that adds £1,400 onto car insurance

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As costly has owning a car is, unfortunately some people will find their insurance more expensive that others depending on their driving licence... read more

Stingypig Unveils New Car Insurance Comparison Tool For Drivers In Canada


The platform's online car insurance calculator uses the postal code of drivers to estimate their insurance premiums and produce quotes from the... read more

How to save money on your car insurance with these simple steps

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Times are really tight money-wise and every little saving can make a difference for cash-strapped families. For many a car is an essential item and... read more