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Your Massively Transformative Purpose

Writing fiction is hard work for low pay. If you’re going to succeed, you need to know why you’re doing it. A reason to keep going when things are going badly. A couple of months ago, I read a book by Steven Kotler that helped me see what it is that keeps a writer going....  Read More The post Your Massively Transformative Purpose... go to Article >

Why does Black History Month matter?

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About 10 years ago, Shukree Hassan Tilghman tried to cancel Black History Month. Outfitted in a sandwich board with the words "End Black History Month" written across the front, he walked the streets of New York City looking for people to sign... read more

Writing the Perfect Synopsis for Beginners

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If you’re trying to sell your novel to a traditional publisher, you must learn to write a synopsis. It’s almost impossible to sell a novel without writing a proposal, and a key element of your proposal is a synopsis of the plot.  If you think you... read more

How to Make Your Annual Plan

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It’s an old tradition to make New Year’s Resolutions every year. It’s an equally old tradition to completely forget them by the second week of January.  Savvy authors don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. They make an Annual Plan. But what is an... read more

What to Do When You’re Overwhelmed

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Modern life forces you to make impossible choices. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the stuff that needs doing. When you get overwhelmed, your anxiety level rises, you lose traction, you get even more behind, and you feel more and more... read more

How to Promote Your Reader Magnet

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In my last blog post, To-Fu For Novelists, I talked about the importance of creating a Reader Magnet, a free piece of your writing that you can give away to your fans and potential fans.  You give it away free as an inducement to sign up for your... read more

Creating a Minimum Viable Product

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Most writers are perfectionists, and that’s good. It means we like to produce excellent quality writing.  Most writers are perfectionists, and that’s bad. It means we’re never done.  The art of being a writer is to balance that good perfectionism... read more

Exporting Notes From an E-book to Your Computer

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If you read a lot of e-books, you may find yourself wishing you could highlight interesting segments in your e-book reader and transfer them to your computer.  You can! At least, you can on the e-book readers I’ve tried.  I do most of my reading... read more

Search Engine Optimization for Novelists

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What is “Search Engine Optimization” and why would any novelist need it? Here’s the short answer: If you have a website to promote your books, then you’d like people to visit it, right? And you’d rather not pay to get people to come to your site,... read more

ToFu For Novelists

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“ToFu” is marketing slang for “top of funnel.”  And what is a “funnel?” That’s a standard marketing term that refers to your system for attracting potential new readers, engaging with them, and ultimately converting them to paying customers.  It’s... read more

Trust the Magic

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Every writer has felt the magic.  You sit down to write, but the words don’t come. Not instantly, anyway.  You press on a bit, and the words gurgle out like rusty water from an old faucet.  You keep pressing on, and the words start to flow a... read more

What Your Reader Desperately Wants

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This blog post is reprinted by permission of the publisher from Chapter 1 of my book, How to Write a Dynamite Scene Using the Snowflake Method.  What Your Reader Most Desperately Wants Your reader desperately wants one thing.  You have it in your... read more