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What is the legacy of burn pits? For some Iraqis, it's a lifetime of problems

If you've heard American veterans celebrating one thing about the PACT Act, which President Joe Biden signed into law Wednesday, it likely has to do with burn pits. These were massive piles of uniforms, equipment, computers, and other things the U.S. military incinerated to prevent them from falling into the hands of the wrong people.... go to Article >

How independent bookstores help in the fight against book banning and why it matters

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BROOKHAVEN, Ga. — The graphic novel adaptation of Anne Frank's The Diary of a Young Girl was the last book Jan Bolgla expected to see yanked off public library shelves in the 16 years since she and her husband bought a used bookstore filled with... read more

The Jackson, Mississippi water crisis and America's crumbling water system

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A version of this show previously aired on March 26, 2021. Jackson, Mississippi are still boiling their drinking water after the latest breakdown to their water treatment plant. Jackson is just one of many American communities relying on a century... read more

Horowitz: War on energy is the new COVID fascism

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As the British crown tightened its grip on the colonies, Samuel Adams warned in favor of an aggressive response by noting that “if we are voluntarily silent as the conspirators would have us to be, it will be considered as an approbation of the... read more

Historians advise the president. The problem? The scholars were all white.

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When President Biden spoke on Sept. 1st, to tell the nation that democracy is in danger, his warnings echoed the words of many who have been paying attention. Especially those who study the past. Not a month earlier, the president met with a... read more

John McEnroe grapples with his legacy as tennis' bad boy

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John McEnroe is remembered as one of the most talented — and hotheaded — tennis players of all time. Over the course of his career, he won 155 combined titles — more than any man in the game's modern era. McEnroe says a formative moment of his... read more

Drought threatens coal plant operations — and electricity — across the West

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Driving through the Wyoming sagebrush west of Cheyenne, the clouds of dust rising from the road give way to giant plumes of steam shooting into the warming sky. This is the Jim Bridger power plant, one of the largest coal-fired power sources in... read more

Why suppressing wildfires may be making the Western fire crisis worse

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Jason Fischer watches a firefighting chopper scoop a big bucket of water out of the Klamath River, as it douses hotspots on the McKinney Fire in remote Northern California. The flames threatening his sixth-generation cattle farm,... read more

Squires: Fighting God's creation is the left's new religion, but their words will never make 'pregnant men' a reality

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A number of social commentators have claimed that partisan political affiliation has replaced religion as the most important identity for many Americans. The politicians and pundits on the left who frame “Christian nationalism” as a conservative... read more

What it's like to watch the women's Tour de France, for the only American to win it

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Anyone wondering how big a deal it is that women once again have their own Tour de France should consider this: Marianne Martin — who won the race in 1984 — says this year's event made her want to be back out on the road, racing again, for the... read more

States with the toughest abortion laws have the weakest maternal supports, data shows

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Nearly two dozen states have moved to restrict abortion or ban it altogether since the reversal of Roe v. Wade — meaning more people, especially those with low incomes and from marginalized communities, will be forced to carry unwanted pregnancies... read more