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Watch out for the ‘extreme heat belt’ developing across the central US

A monitor reads the current temperature as 100 degrees Fahrenheit outside a building during a heatwave in Dallas, Texas, US, on Tuesday, June 21, 2022.  | Shelby Tauber/Bloomberg via Getty Images An “extreme heat belt” that stretches across the center of the US is expected to emerge over the next 30 years,... go to Article >

In Puerto Rico, rescuers struggle to reach areas cut off by Hurricane Fiona

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CAGUAS, Puerto Rico — Hurricane Fiona was on a track Thursday to menace Bermuda and far-eastern Canada after leaving hundreds of people stranded across Puerto Rico, where it smashed roads and bridges and caused historic flooding. Government... read more

Why heat wave warnings are falling short in the U.S.

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In July 1995, weather reports in Chicago started warning residents about an incoming heat wave. It was going to be hot – around 100 degrees – but nothing that was unheard of for a Chicago summer. That heat wave turned out to be one of the... read more

Why suppressing wildfires may be making the Western fire crisis worse

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Jason Fischer watches a firefighting chopper scoop a big bucket of water out of the Klamath River, as it douses hotspots on the McKinney Fire in remote Northern California. The flames threatening his sixth-generation cattle farm,... read more

Experts say a Trump-backed charity is pushing the boundaries of tax law

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In a Washington, D.C., townhouse just blocks from the U.S. Capitol, multiple figures connected to the failed plot to overturn the 2020 election have coalesced around an increasingly influential organization: the nonprofit Conservative Partnership... read more

An ode to city parks: a climate refuge under pressure

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Consider the unremarkable city park. A postage stamp of green amid the concrete. Trees, swings, grass, a basketball hoop. Maybe your park has a public pool. Maybe it has a walking path or a barbecue grill or a leafy spot that's good for watching... read more

Happy Latinx Heritage Month from NPR!

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¡Hola! /Hello! We are celebrating Latinx Heritage Month, starting today until October 15, with special programming across NPR and Member stations on the air, in our podcasts, music and social media reflecting on the diversity of the Latinx... read more

How people, pets and infrastructure can respond to extreme heat

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Extreme heat continues to blanket much of Europe and North America, with some 55 million people across the U.S. facing either heat warnings or advisories as of early Friday and weekend temperatures predicted to reach triple digits in many regions.... read more

For this 89-year-old Gullah Geechee chef, cooking is about heart

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Lots of home cooks would be excited to get a book deal. In the case of one home chef, she got that opportunity at the age of 89 years old. Emily Meggett is from the low country of South Carolina, and NPR traveled to her home on Edisto Island to... read more

It's been a hot summer. Here's how people around the world have been staying cool

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This is an excerpt of a newsletter we're trying out from the Rough Translation team. Sign up for stories from around the world spotlighting new trends and perspectives in global culture. Heat waves may mark the end of the necktie. It's been a long... read more

With 50 people dead in Texas, here's what you should know about migrant smuggling

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The tragic deaths of at least 50 people in a tractor trailer in San Antonio are an emphatic reminder of the dangers migrants face — and how the risks have only gotten higher as both law enforcement and smugglers use increasingly sophisticated... read more