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VidCon takeaways: Our favorite tips, tricks, and tools for sustaining and scaling creator careers

Both old and new creator economy brands, business leaders, and creators gathered at 2022’s VidCon. While much has changed—with a push toward short-form content and gaming—in our eyes, the dominating themes of the conference’s panels revolved around some of the classic challenges creators face: the scalability and sustainability of... go to Article >

Storyblocks’ Lauren Zoltick shares how the company partners with creators to make creative and inclusive stock videos

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We’re sitting down with leaders on the business side of the creator economy to get their best advice for creators looking to launch and develop their careers. This week, we spoke with Lauren Zoltick, Director of Performance Marketing at... read more

‘I be hearing that sound in my sleep’: Starbucks worker shows what it’s like when a mobile order comes in

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A recent TikTok video shows the aggravation one Starbucks worker goes through while enjoying a lull during her shift. The video shows Keira (@shakeira27), the Starbucks worker, smiling with her hands folded as she looks around the quiet... read more

A TikToker is taking the true crime genre to task after NBC ‘glamorizes’ the murder of her mother

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America is obsessed with murder. True crime has always been a mainstay of the entertainment industry, but in recent years it's exploded in popularity. Countless podcasts, shows, books, and movies lay out every gory and salacious detail for mass... read more

‘If you do any of these, you suck’: TikToker shares the worst types of drive-thru customers

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In a viral video, TikToker Audrey Karn (@plz_stfu0) shared a drive-thru edition of the "worst" types of customers that food service workers have to deal with.  Karn categorizes the different types of bad customers as follows: "the yeller," "no... read more

‘I’m 38, she’s 24’: Manager says he’s ‘clicking’ with subordinate, sparking debate

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A 38-year-old listener called into a podcast hosted by Hasan Piker (@hasandpiker) to get advice on a "situation" with the 24-year-old coworker that he manages, saying that they're "clicking" and "like the same movies." In the podcast clip,... read more

‘When the customer says their fries aren’t hot’: McDonald’s worker has PSA for customers who ask for fresh fries

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A McDonald’s worker once again shared what may happen to your fries if you ask for fresh ones. TikTok user @prettygirlmiracle1 recorded a a person in the drive-thru, who is portraying a customer, handing an order of fries back to her with... read more

Customer complains Chipotle worker can’t wrap burrito, gets flamed

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A man went viral on TikTok after complaining about how a Chipotle worker wrapped his burrito, sparking criticism.  The video, posted by Lloyd (@tanleyyelnats), focuses on a Chipotle worker wrapping the TikToker's burrito. The burrito is... read more

‘You don’t need a sorority, you’ve got us’: Bama Rush fave Grant Sikes was cut

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Grant Sikes, the trans student who gained thousands of followers on TikTok during Bama Rush, has been cut by all sororities. Sikes, a student at the University of Alabama, has been documenting the outfits of Bama Rush, the now-viral process... read more

‘It’s what the landlord deserves’: Renter uses $1 soap to fill holes in wall

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A viral TikTok video shows a renter using soap to fill in the holes in her wall to ensure she gets her deposit back after moving out. The renter, Elise (@oprahsharvestday), showed herself using a $1 bar of soap to fill in the holes before... read more

‘I HATE assembling them’: Starbucks baristas reveal their least-favorite drinks to make

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In a viral TikTok, a group of Starbucks baristas reveals their least-favorite drinks and pastries to make.  In the video, posted by a user known as Danielle (@thehighbarista), the TikToker asks her co-workers, “if you can get rid of anything... read more

‘100% on her side’: Girlfriend berates boyfriend during wedding after he danced with a bridesmaid, sparking debate

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A wedding DJ on TikTok posted some drama he captured on the job. In a video with over 1.9 million views, user Darnell (@djd_nail) films the outside of a bathroom, where an argument can be heard taking place. In the text overlaying the video,... read more