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VidCon: Black Influencers speak on the pressures of creating while Black

In a panel discussion at VidCon moderated by Kat Blaque, Black content creators discussed what it meant to be Black in media, and how it differs from the white creator experience.  The discussion featured Matt Smith (@DangMattSmith) Tahj (@Tik.Tok.Tahj), JD Witherspoon (@runjdrun), and La'Ron Hines (@laronhinesofficial), and... go to Article >

Black mom sues Los Angeles schools over cotton field project at elementary school; social justice teacher allegedly said it would demonstrate what...

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A black mother filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Los Angeles Unified School District and the board of education last week over a cotton field project at an elementary school in 2017 that a social justice teacher allegedly said would... read more

Whitlock: The fall of Oklahoma’s Cale Gundy illustrates who can preach values on college campuses

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Cale Gundy quit because woke culture forbids sharing his values. It’s the same reason Jay Wright retired as Villanova’s basketball coach at age 60. Same goes for Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski at age 75. Woke culture prohibits college coaches from... read more

The families of Americans who are wrongfully detained are very much done being quiet

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There's a smile that comes to Alexandra Forseth's face when you ask her about her dad, Alirio Jose Zambrano. It will soon be five years since they last saw one another, but when she talks about him, it's the little things she brings up — like the... read more

Remembering the Oak Creek killings, a harbinger of white supremacist violence

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But for a notebook, it could have turned out very differently. They were supposed to be at the Gurdwara, a Sikh house of worship, but Pardeep Singh Kaleka's daughter had made them turn back around. "It was only because my daughter had forgot a... read more

A brain injury cut short Briana Scurry's soccer career. It didn't end her story

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Soccer star Briana Scurry still remembers the day she knew she wanted to be an Olympian: It was 1980, and Scurry, then 8 years old, watched on TV as the underdog men's U.S. Olympic ice hockey team beat Team USSR in Lake Placid, NY. "I was so... read more

These hurricane flood maps reveal the climate future for Miami, NYC and D.C.

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As climate change warms the planet, drives up sea levels and energizes hurricanes, the arsenal of dangerous impacts delivered by the fierce storms is expected to get supercharged. Among the most worrisome: powerful flooding from storm surge.... read more

These Ukrainian volunteers recover soldiers' remains to return them to their families

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DNIPRO, Ukraine — Outside a morgue in the central eastern Ukrainian city of Dnipro, a scene plays out all day, every day. Coffin lids are brought out and leaned against a wall, along with large crosses and flowers. The coffins soon follow, the... read more

VidCon: Therapists share their concerns about the ‘sensationalization’ of mental health issues on the internet

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Popular therapists and content creators on TikTok who speak on the intersection of social media and mental health have brought their expertise to VidCon.  In a panel moderated by L.A. Times journalist and TikToker V. Spehar called “Triggered:... read more

Senate gun law negotiators working toward a deal by the end of the week

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Senate negotiators are racing to finalize an agreement on a narrow set of gun control proposals with a goal of finishing their work before the week's end. Members of a bipartisan group of senators on Tuesday shuttled between negotiations, party... read more

VidCon takeaways: Our favorite tips, tricks, and tools for sustaining and scaling creator careers

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Both old and new creator economy brands, business leaders, and creators gathered at 2022’s VidCon. While much has changed—with a push toward short-form content and gaming—in our eyes, the dominating themes of the conference’s panels revolved... read more