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Trump's name is not on the ballot Tuesday, but his thumb rests heavily on the scale

This Tuesday brings another round of important primaries for Congress and statewide office and the likelihood that big-name candidates will go down to defeat. But the news next week will not focus on those household-familiar names or what their losses mean for their states. It will focus on what those outcomes may mean for Donald... go to Article >

Abortion rights shockwave rocks the midterms and 3 other takeaways from primaries

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Tuesday was the biggest primary day left on the 2022 midterm calendar – and there were some telling results that could have implications for this fall, from the state of abortion rights in this country to the risks to Republicans and Democrats... read more

Trump paints a grim picture and Pence tries to look ahead in dueling D.C. speeches

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Hours after his former No. 2 and possible 2024 primary rival gave a speech outlining a "road map for conservative leaders," former President Trump delivered a grim and rambling speech about violent crime in his first appearance in D.C. since he... read more

Election contests to watch Tuesday in Florida, New York and Oklahoma

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The final primary day of August has some key election contests in Florida, New York and Oklahoma. Florida and New York had their congressional maps scrambled by redistricting, boosting the number of notable races Tuesday. But the biggest matchup... read more

The Michigan Republican primary for governor has been a bumpy ride. It ends today

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LANSING, Mich. — For months, a group of Michigan Republicans has been jockeying for the chance to face Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in November's general election, but it's been a rough time. There were once 10 candidates on the GOP side.... read more

In Kansas and Arizona, voters defy expectations to chart their own course

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Everyone who knows anything about politics knows something about Kansas and Arizona — or thinks they do. But things we all know for sure can turn out to be wrong. It's at least worth taking a second look at Kansas and Arizona, which we all knew... read more

3 reasons Trump's influence took a big hit in Tuesday's primaries

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You'd be hard-pressed to find two Republican incumbents who drew more of former President Donald Trump's ire than Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. But both won by huge margins in their primaries Tuesday... read more

Horowitz: Why won’t McConnell author ‘framework’ for locking up gun felons?

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Here’s a novel idea for controlling gun violence and acting on “red flags.” Rather than the feds incentivizing states to “red-flag” those who haven’t committed a crime, why not incentivize states to keep those who actually shoot people with guns... read more