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This Just In: Hyundai Reveals First Glimpse of Elantra N

Hyundai has revealed teaser images of the Elantra N, the latest addition to its high-performance N range. This is Hyundai Motors’ sixth N brand model, following the unveiling of Kona N in April this year. Elantra N is the high-performance variant of the all-new Elantra model launched in April 2020, distinguishable by its... go to Article >

Could Fermented Foods Help Your Arthritis?

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Recent research1 has shown that fermented foods not only can improve gut microbiome diversity, but lower the inflammatory response in your body that affects conditions like rheumatoid arthritis (RA). While I was still in active practice, I was... read more

'Jaws' expert Valerie Taylor tells what it's like to get bitten by a shark

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For most of us, surviving a shark bite would be a life-altering experience. But for Valerie Taylor, it's just another day in the ocean. Speaking with Yahoo Entertainment, the pioneering Australian underwater diver and photographer revealed that... read more

The biggest EV reveals of 2021 (so far) from Tesla, Ford, and more

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Even with a pandemic and semiconductor chip shortage, the electric vehicles keep coming. And not just luxury cars. Subaru, Hyundai, and Kia are all releasing EVs. Also coming soon: the first generation of electric pickup trucks. And that doesn't... read more

Here's a Breakdown of Taylor Swift's "All Too Well" Before We Get the 10-Minute Version

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Any Swiftie worth their salt knows that one of Taylor Swift's superpowers is her genius songwriting, and Red's "All Too Well" - a widely beloved track five song - is unquestionably one of her most monumental lyrical feats. When announcing her... read more

'Reading the 1963 Communist plan for America is like reading the headlines of today' - Chad Prather

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On Tuesday's episode of The Chad Prather Show, Chad took a look at a 1963 Congressional report on the goals of the Communist Party in the United States. Chad noted that reading the list is like reading the headlines of today. First, on the... read more

‘Roadrunner’ provides an intimate view of Anthony Bourdain’s life

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Death is a constant shadow in Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain, Morgan Neville’s (Won't You Be My Neighbor?, 20 Feet From Stardom) raw and complicated documentary about Bourdain's life in the spotlight. If you’ve watched some of... read more

FMCA Tech Tip: RV Buying Tips

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Buying an RV typically is not always a simple, stress-free experience. After all, it requires a substantial outlay of discretionary funds. During the buying process it’s not uncommon for prospective first-time buyers to seek advice from their... read more

Latina Journalists' Ousters From Denver TV Powerhouse Spark Outrage

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Sonia Gutierrez dreamed of returning to her hometown of Denver as a television reporter for the city's defining news station: KUSA 9News. When she finally achieved it, however, it came at too steep a cost, she says. Gutierrez says she was told... read more

Fans Say Simone Biles' Boyfriend Jonathan Owens Belongs In The CAP Olympics After He Said He Didn't Know Who She Was When They 1st Met

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Fans are cutting up after a clip of NFLer Jonathan Owens saying he didn't know who his now-girlfriend Simone Biles was when they first met goes viral. Basically, they're saying he needs more people to help them believe he didn't know who the... read more

Hannah-Jones chooses Howard after N. Carolina tenure fight

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (AP) — A Black investigative journalist who won a Pulitzer Prize for her ground-breaking work on the bitter legacy of slavery in the U.S. announced Tuesday that she will not join the faculty at the University of North Carolina... read more