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The Week in Business: Spending More, Getting Less

The stock market had its worst first six months of a year since 1970. The Supreme Court dealt a blow to Biden’s climate plans. And the June jobs report is coming. go to Article >

What the Inflation Reduction Act does and doesn't do about rising prices

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The massive climate, health care and tax bill making its way toward President Biden's desk is called the Inflation Reduction Act. But how much does it actually do to slow consumer prices that are climbing at their fastest pace in about 40 years?... read more

A year on, the Taliban savor victory, while other Afghans pay the price

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PATAN KHEL, Afghanistan — "How beautiful is the spring of freedom!" exclaims elegant Pashto graffiti on a highway stop out of Kabul. The graffiti, in a Taliban stronghold, celebrates their forces' sweep into the Afghan capital in August 2021. Now,... read more

Here are 3 warnings signs about the economy coming out of America's top companies

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At first look, American companies seem to be doing just fine in the face of high inflation and rising interest rates. But look underneath the surface, and there are potential warning signs about the economy – and it's got the country's top... read more

Kenya's deputy president Ruto is declared the election winner

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NAIROBI, Kenya — Kenya's electoral commission chairman has declared Deputy President William Ruto the winner of the close presidential election over five-time contender Raila Odinga, a triumph for the man who shook up politics by appealing to... read more

Does your rewards card know if you're pregnant? Privacy experts sound the alarm

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Last month, a viral Twitter thread sparked fear and debate about the ways consumer data may be stored and shared by big-box stores, and how this could take on a new dimension in a post-Roe world. It began when the user, Nicole, stated that on July... read more

This group's wiped out $6.7 billion in medical debt, and it's just getting started

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Soon after giving birth to a daughter two months premature, Terri Logan received a bill from the hospital. She recoiled from the string of numbers separated by commas. Logan, who was a high school math teacher in Georgia, shoved it aside and... read more

'The World's Worst Assistant,' Teen Punks of 1970s NYC, Jazz Photography at the Newark Museum of Art, One-Term Presidents, The Tumultuous Terrain...

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Sona Movsesian, Conan O’Brien’s longtime assistant and cohost of his podcast, Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend, pens a how-to guide for becoming a horrible assistant while keeping a job. She shares her secrets with us and discusses her new book, The... read more

Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys describes co-founding talent management firm RTS with Stuart Saw

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We’re sitting down with leaders on the business side of the creator economy to get their best advice for creators looking to launch and develop their careers. This week we spoke with Imane Anys, aka Pokimane—the most followed female Twitch... read more

Buy a rural hospital for $100? Investors pick up struggling institutions for pennies

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ERIN, Tenn. — Kyle Kopec gets a kick out of leading tours through the run-down hospitals his boss is buying, pointing out what he calls relics of poor management left by a revolving door of operators. For instance, at a hospital in this town of... read more

What experts think companies should do when ransomware strikes

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WASHINGTON — Over recent years, cybercriminals have targeted governments and small businesses alike in massive digital heists — making hundreds of millions of dollars in 2021 alone in exchange for unlocking victims' systems. As the attacks got... read more