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'Strangely, Beautifully Alive'

American traditions and Independence Day. go to Article >

As 'Better Call Saul' wraps, Bob Odenkirk reflects on his life-changing heart attack

22 Days ago News Source:

As the Breaking Bad prequel and spin-off Better Call Saul wraps up its final season, series star Bob Odenkirk says there's a point in the current season when he brought a whole new energy to the role. That's because Odenkirk suffered a near-fatal... read more

'How Fast Did T. rex Run?' and other questions about dinosaurs examined in new book

13 Days ago News Source:

What color were the dinosaurs? Watching the Jurassic Park movies, the answer seems clear: gray, brown or, at best, dull green. in a new book, British paleontologist David Hone dryly asks: "Has there ever been a more tediously colored set of... read more

All in My Head by Jessica Morris review – a candid and defiant memoir about cancer

50 Days ago News Source:

Morris resolves to fight her aggressor in this extraordinary account of her five-year struggle with a terminal brain tumour“I didn’t choose cancer. Cancer chose me.” None of us know what we will do when we’re given the sentence of our death. For... read more

Goodbye to 'Better Things,' a show that embraced the messiness of life

112 Days ago News Source:

This article contains spoilers for Season 5 of Better Things. It's extremely difficult for me to land on a favorite episode of FX's Better Things, co-creator and star Pamela Adlon's semi-autobiographical dramedy about Sam Fox, a single mom and... read more

Hopeful Signs for Democrats in the 2022 Midterms

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Inflation, abortion and bad Republican choices may limit the expected losses. read more

Schumer Shrugs as Roe v. Wade Falls

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The Inflation Reduction Act gave Democrats a chance to fund abortion. They didn’t even try. read more

Merrick Garland Goes Solo in Mar-a-Lago Search

1 Day ago Politics Source:

Did Biden know about the Trump raid? If not, that’s truly disturbing. read more

Free Enterprise, Not Central Planning, Will Beat China

1 Day ago Politics Source:

Politicians seem to be forgetting what made the U.S. economy great. read more

Democrats' Great Fossil Fuel Bonfire of 2023

1 Day ago Politics Source:

A hoped-for surge of solar, wind and battery production requires CO2-intensive mining and manufacturing. read more

The Least Effective Minimum-Wage Hike

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Raising the $2.13-an-hour floor for tipped employees would put waiters out of work without helping the poor. read more

The SALT Democrats Surrender

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Northeast House Members break their tax-deduction pledge. read more