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So you want to be a blogger: How to start a blog, buy a domain name, and gain a following in 10 steps

So you want to start a blog and carve out a little corner of the internet to call your own — that’s a pretty brilliant and popular impulse. We as humans are literally creating a whole cyber-dimension, skinned right on top of our own; having your own square inch of a brand new world is exciting! Highly recommend! SEE ALSO:... go to Article >

Just Install iOS 15? Here's Where to Start

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Apple today released the new iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 updates to all users, and there are dozens of new features to learn about. Some of these options must be toggled on or set up, so we've created a handy get started with ‌iOS 15‌ guide that walks... read more

Grilling Tips, Techniques, Tricks, and Tools: Everything You Need to Know About BBQ

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Grilling and barbecuing are synonymous with summer, and appeal to some primal part of us: meat, fire, feasting outdoors. What’s not to love? Whether you’re a self-proclaimed pitmaster, backyard griller extraordinaire, or just an avid eater of... read more

He Was An Interpreter For U.S. Forces In Afghanistan And Now He's Driving For Uber

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Ahmad Zai Ahmadi was just a teenager when he ran into a group of U.S. Marines at a bazaar in his hometown of Kandahar, Afghanistan, in 2003. "I just started saying 'Hi' and 'How are you,' and they say, 'Okay, you speak English. Do you want to be... read more

A Man Worthy of a Wife: Building the Rare Strength of Boaz

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If you search Scripture for examples of godly marriage, you may be surprised just how rare they are. Even couples that shine in some respects — Jacob and Rachel, Abraham and Sarah, David and Abigail — often have glaring indiscretions or outright... read more

19 Recipes That Prove “Eggs for Dinner” Should Be a Weekly Thing

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At some point in the long history of… well, eating… it was determined that eggs would primarily be a breakfast food. And we’re not complaining — after all, we did get frittatas and French toast out of that decision. But considering that eggs... read more

Futures Fade As Dismal China News Steamrolls Sentiment

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Futures Fade As Dismal China News Steamrolls Sentiment While Microsoft did everything it could to halt the recent market drop which has dragged stocks lower on 6 of the past 7 days with its surprising announcement of a record, $60... read more

Literal Eye Candy: The 13 Best Eye Creams for Every Skin Concern

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They say your eyes are a window into your soul. Well, they can also be a billboard about your life. Dark circles might be a sign of sleepless nights. Fine lines can appear from years of smiling (or squinting). Enter your skin care routine to help... read more

GoPro Hero 10 Black review: A big, invisible upgrade

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Almost exactly 10 years go, we reviewed the GoPro HD Hero 2. It wasn’t the first flagship camera from the company, but I’d argue it was instrumental in bringing the GoPro to the attention of the general public. Back then, the maximum resolution... read more

The Masking Of The Servant Class: Ugly COVID Images From The Met Gala Are Now Commonplace

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The Masking Of The Servant Class: Ugly COVID Images From The Met Gala Are Now Commonplace Authored by Glenn Greenwld via, From the start of the pandemic, political elites have been repeatedly caught exempting... read more

Nothing Can Stop Matt Amodio

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Ringer illustration As ‘Jeopardy!’ strives to move beyond recent turmoil, 23-time champ Amodio is ready to take center stage If you would like Matt Amodio to tell you the secret to winning on Jeopardy!—or, better yet,... read more