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Pokemon GO Furfrou must-know facts: Forms, Shiny, Evolution, Moves

Furfrou is not the most common Pokemon in the world. It’s the most perfect fashionable Pokemon for Fashion Week 2021, but it’s not out there this week in numbers as common as a Community Day Pokemon. Instead, it’s available as a once-per-day Photobomb (try to take a photo of a Pokemon in the game and see), where it’ll spawn in …... go to Article >

Bulletin Of Atomic Scientists Opens The Wuhan Virus Pandora's Box

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Bulletin Of Atomic Scientists Opens The Wuhan Virus Pandora's Box Authored by Nicholas Wade via the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (emphasis ours), The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted lives the world over for more than a year.... read more

Skype now works also on Firefox after two years

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When the video conferencing trend kicked up last year thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was no surprise that Microsoft would jump on the bandwagon as well. What was a bit surprising, however, was that it prioritized bringing its younger Teams... read more

Google Play Store cuts developer tax for subscriptions by half

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The industry practice of “70/30” revenue cuts between developers and app store owners have been put under a microscope in the past few years, especially after Epic Games made some big noise about it. It did force a few platforms to make changes... read more

New research finds humans didn’t cause woolly mammoth extinction

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The woolly mammoth is an ancient ancestor of modern elephants covered with fur that roamed the ancient Earth alongside early humans. The massive creatures roamed the Earth for 5 million years before going extinct four thousand years ago. Some... read more

NASA announces Lunabotics Junior Contest to design moon robots

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NASA has announced a new contest open to students in grades K-12 in public and private schools around the country, as well as homeschooled children. The contest is called the Lunabotics Junior Contest and seeks input from students to design a... read more

Residue found in 2.5 billion-year-old ruby linked to ancient life

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We know the earliest life that appeared on the surface of our planet wasn’t complex life as we know it today. Rather, ancient life would’ve been much simpler than humans, plants, and various animals. Scientists have made a very interesting... read more

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra renders point to a questionable change

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If leaks are anything to go by, the “Ultra” models of Samsung 2022 devices are the ones to keep an eye out for. The Galaxy S22 Ultra could be so far removed from the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus/Pro that it might as well be called the Galaxy... read more

Galaxy S22 45W fast charging might still be on the table

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If you disregard the almost complete overhaul that the Galaxy S22 Ultra is expected to bear, the Galaxy S22 might sound terribly disappointing based on the majority of rumors that have come our way. One of the biggest disappointments is related... read more

T-Mobile CDMA network shutdown pushed back by three months

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The industry-wide push to get 5G adopted as fast as possible doesn’t come without costs, even for those who have no intention of moving to the next-gen network yet. As part of upgrading their systems and infrastructures, carriers are also taking... read more

Surface Neo prototype photos remind us of what may never come

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The launch and reviews of the Surface Duo 2 may have reignited discussions about dual-screen devices as envisioned by Microsoft. The existence of this smaller Android hybrid device would have naturally also raised questions about its larger... read more

MacBook Pro pre-orders might not ship until December at the latest

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Apple definitely dropped a bombshell in its “Unleashed” event last week. In addition to delivering on the expected upgrades and changes that had MacBook Pro fans excited, it unveiled a new screen design that has everyone talking like notches were... read more