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People with 'medium COVID' are caught in a gray area of recovery with little support

Waves of fatigue. The inability to smell milk that has gone bad. A racing heartbeat. These are just a few COVID-19 symptoms that can linger after an initial coronavirus infection. Though they may not always amount to the debilitating cases of long COVID-19 that can leave people bedridden or unable to perform daily functions, it's very... go to Article >

Hutchinson's testimony raises fresh questions about Secret Service's handling of Jan. 6

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A former White House aide's stunning testimony before the House panel investigating the Capitol attack indicated that the U.S. Secret Service may have had advanced warning of the potential for violence at the Capitol, raising new questions about... read more

Forget flip flops: Amazon's bestselling slides are 'a pillow for aching feet' — and only $25

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When something gains fame on TikTok, we get curious. That's what happened with these super-cute and super-comfy slip-ons. A little digging led us to discover that they're not only a viral sensation but are also the bestselling slides on Amazon.... read more

We asked 5 students: What inspired you to become a gun control activist?

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President Joe Biden signed the first major gun reform legislation in decades on Saturday. The move came one month after a gunman in Uvalde, Texas, killed 19 elementary school students and two teachers. While Congress may be getting the attention... read more

20 million people saw the prime-time Jan. 6 hearing. Here’s why Americans say they’re tuning in.

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Corrections & clarifications: This story has been updated to correct a misspelling of Diane Webb's name.WASHINGTON – All Diane Webb wants to know is the truth behind what happened at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.Webb, 57, who lives in Wichita,... read more

Shredded trees, dead dolphins and wildfires — how Russia's invasion is hurting nature

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ZHYTOMYR, Ukraine — When the fighter jet crashed into these northwestern Ukrainian woods, killing its 27-year-old pilot, splintering trees and spewing fuel, it tore a gash in the forest canopy. Then it exploded. The wildfire that followed charred... read more

Name, image and likeness: Failures, successes and unknowns mark first year

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One year ago, legislation related to name, image and likeness went into effect across college sports and erased the constant that had defined amateurism for more than a century: that student-athletes could not receive financial compensation as a... read more

The Hong Kong handover turns 25. So does an entire generation.

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Anna Kwok, 25, and friends her age remember visiting Hong Kong Disneyland in 2007 — specifically, the free ticket they were able to scoop on the government-backed company's dime. Her friend, T — who, like Kwok, was born and raised in Hong Kong —... read more

Tears, tissues, T-shirts: What it was like in the room during the Jan. 6 committee hearing

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WASHINGTON – The first of eight hearings held by the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot evoked murmurs and sometimes tears from its audience, which included several officers who survived the attack and the wives of officers who... read more

VidCon: Black Influencers speak on the pressures of creating while Black

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In a panel discussion at VidCon moderated by Kat Blaque, Black content creators discussed what it meant to be Black in media, and how it differs from the white creator experience.  The discussion featured Matt Smith (@DangMattSmith) Tahj... read more

Pandemic babies are behind after years of stress, isolation affected brain development

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Wearing a tutu and a messy ponytail, CJ RainingBird, 4, sprawls out on her carpeted living room floor, scribbling on a notebook. She looks up eagerly after completing each pen stroke, her eyes widening and her mouth stretching... read more