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Oklahoma's vote to ban most abortions comes at a key moment for reproductive rights

Oklahoma lawmakers have approved a bill that would make performing an abortion a felony except in the case of a medical emergency. It's the latest conservative legislature to approve a new restriction on abortion, as Republican-led states across the country push to limit reproductive rights. The recent wave of bills restricting... go to Article >

Abortion is legal in Illinois. In Wisconsin, it's nearly banned. So clinics teamed up

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Around two days a week, Natalee Hartwig leaves her home in Madison, Wisconsin, before her son wakes up, to travel across the border into Illinois. "Luckily it's summer," said Hartwig, a nurse midwife at Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. "For now he... read more

Corporate America reckons with its role in reproductive rights

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When Senate Bill 8 took effect in September of last year, banning abortions after about 6 weeks in Texas, Match Group's then-CEO Shar Dubley sent a letter to her employees. "I wanted to let you know that I am setting up a fund to ensure that if... read more

Infertility patients fear abortion bans could affect access to IVF treatment

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After battling with infertility for several years, Melissa says she finally saw a glimmer of hope through in vitro fertilization. She and her husband started working with a fertility center in Grand Rapids, Mich., in March 2021 and have produced... read more

Meet the Fed, the latest superpower to emerge from Washington's shadows

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This past week, in the midst of many competing events, the nation's news-aware and money-savvy cohorts gave their undivided attention to a professorial-looking fellow calmly reading from a piece of paper. The bespectacled reader was Jerome Powell,... read more

'Kick Joe Manchin out': Left-wing pundit Robert Reich urges Democrats to banish West Virginia senator

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Robert Reich, a former U.S. Labor secretary and now hard-left pundit, is calling on Democrats to kick Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) out of their party, claiming that they have "already lost control over the Senate" because Manchin opposes an extreme... read more

Michigan medical students walk out on an anti-abortion keynote speaker

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On Sunday night at the University of Michigan Medical School's annual white coat ceremony, incoming medical students recited oaths, received their white coats – then dozens of them walked out. At issue was the keynote speaker: Dr. Kristin... read more

Democrats say voters are watching the Jan. 6 hearings, but it's not their top issue

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The Jan. 6 select committee hearings have riveted many in Washington over the summer, but their political impact on key races around the U.S. appears to be limited. House Democrats on the front lines of fighting off a red wave in November's... read more

Abortion clinics shutter in pro-life states following Supreme Court decision

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Abortion clinics in multiple states where pro-life laws are now, or will soon be, in effect ceased operations Friday after the Supreme Court overturned its Roe v. Wade decision. In a 6-3 decision for Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization,... read more

With Roe overturned, state constitutions are now at the center of the abortion fight

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For decades, the legal battle over abortion focused on the U.S. Supreme Court and its guiding document, the U.S. Constitution. Now, with Roe v. Wade overturned, the legal spotlight has shifted to the states, where abortion supporters and opponents... read more

For doctors, abortion restrictions create an 'impossible choice' when providing care

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Now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, medical ethics experts say many physicians will be caught in a bind: unable to fulfill their professional obligations to provide care to their pregnant patients because of state laws that... read more