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Oh! The places you’ll go

How a Fox MBA took four Comcast employees on different journeys.  In his famous “Acres of Diamonds” speech, Temple University Founder Russell H. Conwell said greatness can be found in our own backyard if we take the time to look and work for it. Fox alumnae Alexis Carroll, Kristi DeSimone, Karen McClendon and Kelly Walsh […] go to Article >

The Habits Of Highly Effective HODLers

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The Habits Of Highly Effective HODLers Authored by Tyler Parks via, How can you maximize your bitcoin stack and the benefits you gain from it, while HODLing? As the title suggests, I’ll go over what I believe... read more

The R29 Shopping Team’s Target Hidden Gems

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You’re reading an On-Site Shopping story — meaning you can browse, add to cart, and actually purchase the product recommendations featured below without leaving Refinery29. To learn more about our new native checkout feature, click here.If... read more

Parable of an Unhealthy Soul: Why ‘Faith’ Dies Without Action

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How do works of obedience relate to the free, unmerited gift of God’s grace in the life of a Christian? This has been a recurring controversial and confusing issue since the earliest days of the church. If we are justified by God’s grace... read more

In Defense Of Ari Lennox’s Trip to Ghana: The Power and Problem of Belonging

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Grammy-nominated musician Ari Lennox recently performed at Ghana’s Afrochella music festival and shared her experience in the West African nation on Twitter. “Wow it’s rare and [a] good feeling to consistently wake up with peace and... read more

Want to preorder Samsung’s next Galaxy phone sight unseen? You can

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Image: evleaks (Twitter) For the launch of Samsung’s next flagship smartphones — the Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra, we think — the Korean electronics giant will once again let you signal your intent to buy its phones... read more

The best Lenovo laptops

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Whether you’re looking for powerful internals or an awesome keyboard, Lenovo laptops are both reliable and highly rated. Here at PCWorld, we’ve personally used and tested a number of Lenovo laptops, from ThinkPads to Yogas and everything in... read more

The War On “Wokeness” Is A War Against Martin Luther King Jr.’s Legacy

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Today may just be my least-favorite day on the internet, and yet, it’s one of my favorite days of the year. Every year on this day, I re-read Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s seminal text “ Letter from Birmingham Jail”, which he wrote while... read more

The best handheld vacuums for tackling pet hair

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Living with pets is pretty great. Whether you have a cat or a dog, your life is probably better with them in it. But there’s one big downside: pet hair — on everything, all the time. It’s in your car, on your clothes, on your sofa, and collecting... read more

We asked how you are finding joy in the pandemic. Here are 12 surprising ideas

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You made the sourdough, you built the LEGO castle, you grew the vegetables. Now what? To help you find your next moment of joy, we asked our readers what creative ideas they've come up with to cultivate happiness, two years into pandemic life.... read more

The best HomeKit-compatible smart light bulbs

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Once you outfit your home with smart lighting, it’s hard to go back. “Hey Siri, turn off the living room lights” is a daily utterance in my home. You can make lights turn on automatically when you come home, or at a certain time when you’re away.... read more