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New digital-first ways of hiring are helping candidates find work

Hiring trends include video submissions, fast offers, group interviews and, sometimes, no interview at all. go to Article >

What experts think companies should do when ransomware strikes

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WASHINGTON — Over recent years, cybercriminals have targeted governments and small businesses alike in massive digital heists — making hundreds of millions of dollars in 2021 alone in exchange for unlocking victims' systems. As the attacks got... read more

This group's wiped out $6.7 billion in medical debt, and it's just getting started

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Soon after giving birth to a daughter two months premature, Terri Logan received a bill from the hospital. She recoiled from the string of numbers separated by commas. Logan, who was a high school math teacher in Georgia, shoved it aside and... read more

Millions of Americans have long COVID. Many of them are no longer working

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More than two years after Georgia Linders first got sick with COVID, her heart still races at random times. She's often exhausted. She can't digest certain foods. Most days, she runs a fever, and when her temperature gets up past a certain point,... read more

'Time bomb' lead pipes will be removed. But first water utilities have to find them

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It took three years for officials to notice lead was seeping into the city's drinking water. Missouri regulators had given the green light in 2014 for Trenton to start adding monochloramine to its drinking water to disinfect it without the harmful... read more

Jan. 6 hearings chip away at Trump's hold on GOP, as 2024 hopefuls circle

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When Casey DeSantis was introducing her husband, Ron, to Florida voters in an ad during his first run for governor four years ago, she insisted he was "so much more" than a Trump devotee. He was a caring dad who played with their son, read him... read more

Webtoon’s vice president of content David Lee shares how creators can monetize their comics

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We’re sitting down with leaders on the business side of the creator economy to get their best advice for creators looking to launch and develop their careers. This week, we spoke with David Lee, vice president of content at Webtoon.  Webtoon... read more

Former U.N. 'relief chief' shares his secret for coping with crises: a 'sunny gene'

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It's a grueling and grinding job. Sir Mark Lowcock has spent nearly 40 years getting critical help to those suffering through a variety of crises: civil wars, famine, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Along the way, he says he confronted "an... read more

As species recover, some threaten others in more dire shape

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GLEN ARBOR, Mich. — In a forest near Lake Michigan, two scientists attached a backpack tracking device to a merlin they'd lured into a net. The mission: help prevent the predatory species from gobbling up piping plovers — highly endangered... read more

The strange underground economy of tree poaching

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NOTE: This is Part Two of a two-part Planet Money newsletter series on the struggles of a former logging town named Orick, California. Part One, "The tale of a distressed American town on the doorstep of a natural paradise," can be found here. On... read more

‘Go get a new job’: TikToker says to just quit your job if you don’t like it, sparking debate

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TikToker Katie Rosko @katierosko1 received over a million views for telling others who aren’t happy at their jobs to simply quit.  In the video posted on April 19, she states that if you hate your job, "just quit it and go get a new job."... read more