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NBA Youngboy, Feel Good: inside the lyrics and their meaning

Life goes as usual for NBA Youngboy and Feel Good is his new song confirming it: let's analyse the lyrics and their meaning The post NBA Youngboy, Feel Good: inside the lyrics and their meaning appeared first on Auralcrave. go to Article >

NBA Youngboy, I Know: the lyrics and their meaning

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I Know is the first song of NBA Youngboy new album, The Last Slimeto: let's discover the lyrics and meaning of this unconventional rap. The post NBA Youngboy, I Know: the lyrics and their meaning appeared first on Auralcrave. read more

Nick Cannon Hints Not All His Baby Mamas Are In ‘Agreeance’ In Fatherhood Freestyle + Mr. Incredible Reacts To Kel Mitchell Wife’s Claim That He...

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Nick Cannon is dropping freestyles and he’s spilling tea about his unconventional lifestyle as a father with 7 kids (and counting) by four different women (with #5 currently pregnant). He says all of his kids will get along no matter how the moms... read more

(EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK) Monique & Chris Samuels' Marital Problems Are On Full Display, 'LAMDC' Cameras Were Told To Leave While Filming

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Awkwaaaard.  Maybe switching to "Love & Marriage: DC" was a good move for Monique & Chris Samuels so they could focus more on strengthening the communication in their marriage.  Because based on the exclusive clip we just received from... read more

George Ezra review – as happy and sunny as a travel ad

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London PalladiumThe chart-topper’s songs are ruthlessly professional but also full of charm, and this gig ahead of his third album release shows what a warm and clever writer he isYou’d have to be the most terrific curmudgeon not to walk away from... read more

Coodie & Chike Address Rejecting Ye’s ‘jeen-yuhs’ Final Edit Request & Their Take On His Most Recent Behavior On 'TAMRON'

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Visionary filmmakers Coodie & Chike chop it up on “Tampon Hall” about why they refused to let Kanye West do the final edit on their hit Netflix documentary “jeen-yuhs” and whether they think Ye’s recent erratic behavior is a performance or not.... read more

New novel explores the continuing influence of poet Sylvia Plath: 'She is all of us'

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Host Jane Clayson speaks with Lee Kravetz, author of the new novel “The Last Confessions of Sylvia P.” The book uses three interconnected stories to explore the life and literary legacy of poet Sylvia Plath. If you or someone you know may be... read more

In 'Mothercoin', the labor of love transcends borders

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When Elizabeth Cummins Muñoz had her eldest child, in 2000, she started spending a lot of time at the playground. There were plenty of other kids at this playground, in Houston, where Muñoz lived, but many of them weren't there with their parents.... read more

Wait, wait, I've heard this one

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This Public Editor Newsletter published Feb. 10, 2022 Have you ever felt a sense of déjà vu when listening to a story on Morning Edition or All Things Considered? Like, maybe you've already heard this before? Not just heard about this story, but... read more