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More Tory MPs call for PM to go as No 10 tries to limit Partygate report fallout

Boris Johnson’s allies rally to his defence as one former minister says he ‘will not defend the indefensible’Four more Conservative MPs called for Boris Johnson to resign on Thursday over lockdown-breaking parties, as Downing Street sought to contain the political aftermath of the Sue Gray report.The prime minister’s allies reiterated... go to Article >

No wonder Tory MPs are dreading the next byelection results | Katy Balls

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Amid the Partygate fallout Boris Johnson is looking like an electoral liability – and the party is almost out of goodwillWhen the Sue Gray report was first published, Boris Johnson’s supporters took comfort from the fact that it provoked little... read more

Trevor Bayliss: ‘Morgs made England ruthless and test the ceiling of what was possible’

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The former head coach on the glorious dynamic he shared with ‘top notch’ Eoin Morgan, who has stood down as white-ball captainA chat with Trevor Bayliss about Eoin Morgan’s England retirement begins with a practically audible wry smile down the... read more

Great expectations don’t faze Spain as they look to make a mark at Euro 2022

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The rise of Barcelona in the women’s game means Spain are expected to challenge the established powers this summer“I’m not judging you,” Mapi León says and then she starts laughing, which she does often. “But,” the Spain and Barcelona defender... read more

Explosion of life on Earth linked to heavy metal act at planet’s centre

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Formation of solid iron core 550m years ago restored magnetic field and protected surfaceAt the centre of the Earth, a giant sphere of solid iron is slowly swelling. This is the inner core and scientists have recently uncovered intriguing evidence... read more

Australia to dump Covid vaccine requirements and travel exemptions for international arrivals

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People arriving in the country will no longer need to use the digital passenger declaration under changes to come into effect next weekAustralia surpasses 10,000 Covid deaths as authorities warn of another wave of infectionsTen thousand Covid... read more

George Russell: ‘I want to beat Lewis but that won’t make my season a success’

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The Mercedes driver has impressed at his new team but insists there is still plenty to do as he prepares for the British Grand PrixThere is no doubting the intensity, the palpable will to win radiating from George Russell. Yet achieving success is... read more

Scotland’s future won’t be settled until there is a second vote on independence | Andrew Rawnsley

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Crudely blocking a fresh referendum could ultimately backfire on the unionist causeIt took two referendums to get a final answer to the independence question. The people of Quebec had their first vote on whether to pursue secession from Canada in... read more

Nick Cave: Seven Psalms review – yearning for mercy and grace

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(Cave Things)Cave’s grief continues in spoken-word form, with lovesick prayers – and glimmers of respite“Such things should never happen,” intones Nick Cave gravely, “but they do.” His most recent LPs, Ghosteen (2019) and Carnage (2021), were... read more

Off-the-scale scrumptuous caramels

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Who knew that they could be quite this good?‘Have you tried…’ my Suffolk friend Naomi asked, eyes a-glisten, ‘honey salted caramels by B Chocolates?’ No, I said, at once excited to try a new thing and at twice ashamed I’d never heard of them.... read more

Dr Zhivago’s heroine takes centre stage in plagiarism row

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Courtroom battle looms as author argues her book revealing inspiration for character became basis of an American novelTwo authors are to go head to head in the high court in London this week in a bitter literary plagiarism row that revolves around... read more

Human traffickers ‘using UK universities as cover’

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Overseas students have vanished from courses and then been found working in exploitative conditionsUniversities have been urged to be on high alert for human trafficking after suspected victims brought to Britain on student visas vanished from... read more