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Minnesota family clinic data breach affects 200,000 patients

St. Paul, Minn.-based Entira Family Clinics notified patients Jan. 13 that a data security incident hit its cloud IT service provider, Netgain Technology, affecting approximately 200,000 patients. go to Article >

A landmark study tracks the lasting effect of having an abortion — or being denied one

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Though it's impossible to know exactly what will happen to abortion access if Roe v. Wade is overturned, demographer Diana Greene Foster does know what happens when someone is denied an abortion. She documented it in her groundbreaking yearslong... read more

People with 'medium COVID' are caught in a gray area of recovery with little support

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Waves of fatigue. The inability to smell milk that has gone bad. A racing heartbeat. These are just a few COVID-19 symptoms that can linger after an initial coronavirus infection. Though they may not always amount to the debilitating cases of... read more

How long is food safe to eat after its 'use by' date? Longer than you think.

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In a Facebook group focused on Trader Joe’s meal ideas, a woman created a post in February with a photo of the store’s branded Green Goddess Salad Dressing.She’d bought the bottle months earlier, she wrote, and it had a use by date of Dec. 16,... read more

How a wedding photographer and a failed donut shop owner got $124M in federal cash for COVID testing

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CHICAGO — First it was a Toyota pickup. Then, a sky blue Lamborghini. Then, at the end of August last year, Illinois resident Akbar Ali Syed posted a TikTok video of a red Lamborghini Countach being unloaded from a flatbed truck. "Countach added... read more

Horowitz: Why did Scotland experience a spike in infant deaths?

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One of the most durable public health trajectories over the past 50 years has been the consistent decline in infant mortality in countries with first-world health care. Yet in September, Scotland experienced such a spike at least in neonatal... read more