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Minerva, a higher education outsider, now an accredited university

Image:  Ben Nelson is a charter member of the higher education disruption crowd. Its members, often ed-tech entrepreneurs, investors and others promoting alternatives to traditional colleges and universities, believe most institutions are too expensive or ineffective, operate on too small a scale, and fail to innovate and adapt to... go to Article >

Is Michigan Recruiting for the Best Job in Higher Ed?

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Blog:  Learning Innovation James DeVaney is the Associate Vice Provost for Academic Innovation and Founding Executive Director for the Center for Academic Innovation (CAI) at the University of Michigan. CAI has just announced the creation of... read more

How to beat the next pandemic? Start educating kids now.

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The next pandemic could happen next year. Or in 2033. Or 2052. It might come from one of hundreds of known coronaviruses now circulating in bats. It could be a nasty paramyxovirus, from goats. Or it might be a newly-mutated strain of flu that... read more

He Was An Interpreter For U.S. Forces In Afghanistan And Now He's Driving For Uber

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Ahmad Zai Ahmadi was just a teenager when he ran into a group of U.S. Marines at a bazaar in his hometown of Kandahar, Afghanistan, in 2003. "I just started saying 'Hi' and 'How are you,' and they say, 'Okay, you speak English. Do you want to be... read more

Community college leaders celebrate first lady's return

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Image:  Jill Biden returned to in-person teaching at Northern Virginia Community College this fall. The first lady, an English and writing professor, taught online last semester and spoke widely and publicly about her eagerness to come back... read more

Must-Haves for Institutions Seeking Effective Online Transfer Collaborations

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Blog:  Tackling Transfer When the coronavirus forced colleges and universities to move most instruction online or remote, many rural institutions did not have the resources or bandwidth to do this efficiently and effectively. As a result,... read more

Democrats show what free community college could look like

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Image:  After years of discussion and debate about offering free community college across the United States, what once seemed unlikely is now as close as it’s ever been to being a reality. House Democrats have provided a look into how the... read more

Studies pick college programs with best investment returns

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Image:  Students pursuing a college degree generally have a sense of where their institution ranks in comparison to others, but not necessarily how their particular course of study measures up. Now they can find out. Using data from the... read more

Colleges expand mental health services for students

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Image:  The COVID-19 pandemic created a greater need for college mental health services as students struggled with the social and economic consequences of shuttered campuses, online learning and, in some cases, the illness or death of loved... read more

Colleges mandating vaccines deal with religious exemptions

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Image:  A group of students at Creighton University in Nebraska filed suit last week over the Jesuit university’s refusal to consider religious exemptions to its COVID-19 student vaccination requirement. Pope Francis and the U.S. Conference... read more

Applying the Principles of Nonprofit/For-Profit Partnerships to Degree Programs

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Blog:  Learning Innovation In a previous post, we suggested three principles that universities should consider before they partnered with an external for-profit company. The principles we suggested are: When the function is tangential to... read more