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June Jones declines Hawaii job: 'No coach in their right mind would accept!'

June Jones wanted to return to Hawaii and lead the football program again. In fact, he still wants the head job. Jones, though, declined Hawaii’s offer to return and lead the program to replace former coach Todd Graham on Friday night. The terms, he said on Twitter, simply weren’t acceptable. “No coach in their right mind,” he said,... go to Article >

22 veterans put on notice by teams' 2022 NFL draft moves: Big names on thin ice

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The completion of any NFL draft heralds an infusion of younger (and, often, cheaper) labor into the league.For established veterans, the consequences can be immediate or lingering. Free agents like DL Ndamukong Suh and WR T.Y. Hilton might have a... read more

We Changed Our Cities, Our Relationships, Our Jobs, Our Lives. It Wasn’t Enough

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We’re living in a world with no off switches and our burnout is at a boiling point. Powered Down explores how the system has failed us and what we can do to find our way off the hamster wheel — for good. Life in Alaska wasn’t for... read more

The Best and Worst from Day 1 of March Madness

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Photo by Jamie Sabau/NCAA Photos via Getty Images Peacocks! Spiders! Zips! And more! Three overtime games, four double-digit seeds advancing, one historic upset, a number of thrilling finishes; It may not have been the... read more

How New England caught the COVID deaths much of the country missed

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It was the tail end of a cold Massachusetts winter when many of Dr. Larissa Lucas' nursing home residents stopped eating and drinking. Others were sleeping more than usual, or especially groggy during their waking hours.  There were no high... read more

Meet 4 people who worry about CTE, but never played in the NFL

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The degenerative brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, is mostly seen in professional athletes who play contact sports. But there's also a quiet population of everyday men and women who are afraid they may have the condition:... read more

SoFi Stadium, site of Super Bowl 56, is multibillion dollar dream for three, and nightmare for thousands

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INGLEWOOD, Calif. – Stan Kroenke, the Los Angeles Rams owner also known as Silent Stan, turned off his mute button. His team had just secured a berth in the Super Bowl that will be played at the 70,240-seat SoFi Stadium, which Kroenke built for... read more