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In Buffalo, New Apartments Sprout Up in Vacant Warehouses

A decade-long effort to transform industrial relics is showing signs of progress and expanding the city’s population for the first time in 70 years. go to Article >

4 years after a school shooting in a small Texas city, 'There is still a lot of pain'

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In May 2018, after a high school shooting killed 10 people, the Santa Fe, Texas, Resiliency Center opened in a church. Any resident could see a counselor, attend a support group, and take part in a healing mandala coloring class, music therapy, or... read more

‘Yall wonder why your staff is a revolving door’: Amazon driver says he was scheduled to deliver 326 packages in one shift

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A video of an Amazon driver went viral on TikTok after revealing how many packages he had to deliver in one shift. The video features the TikToker, Cameron Smiley (@camshaftsmiley) sitting in the front seat of his Amazon van. “I just want... read more

Russian missiles are blasting civilians in Ukraine

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KREMENCHUK, Ukraine — It was a hot summer afternoon in this city in central Ukraine, the kind of day Ukrainians dream of in the depths of winter. Young women pulled out flowery sundresses. Teenagers in cut-off jeans made plans to gather at the... read more

‘This is… very sad and infuriating’: Real estate agent takes selfie because so many people showed up for open house in New York, sparking debate

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A debate was sparked on TikTok after user Sarah (@sarahloukiernan) posted a video showing a real estate agent taking photos of the massive crowd visiting an apartment in New York.  “NY real estate agent takes selfie with applicants for... read more

How to Find a Good Apartment in a Bad Housing Market, According to Reddit

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The rental market is out of control. Viral tweets are making their rounds, showing hopeful renters lining up outside of vacant apartments in New York City, and you probably know someone who has posted pleas for affordable open rooms and sublets.... read more

She has waited 29 years for housing assistance. Now she is fighting for change

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Jeanette Taylor was a single mother looking to move her family out of the one-bedroom apartment she shared with her mother in Chicago. She worked in retail and as a community organizer. The thought of affording her own space in 1993, with the... read more

In a stunning victory, Amazon workers on Staten Island vote for a union

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Amazon workers at a warehouse in Staten Island, New York, have voted to unionize, a first for Amazon, and a stunning win for a grassroots campaign led by former and current Amazon employees. The historic vote was 2,654 for the union to 2,131... read more

Starbucks workers drive nationwide surge in union organizing

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On August 30, 2021, three Starbucks stores in and around Buffalo, New York, filed union election petitions with the National Labor Relations Board. In the eight months since, close to 250 other Starbucks stores have followed, driving a surge in... read more

Suspect faces multiple charges in a deadly California church shooting

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SANTA ANA, Calif. — The man accused of opening fire on a Taiwanese church congregation in California was charged Tuesday with first-degree murder and five counts of attempted murder for what a prosecutor called an effort to "execute" as many... read more

Employees at an Atlanta mall become the first Apple retail workers to unionize

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Apple workers in Atlanta filed to unionize Wednesday, becoming the first retail employees for the tech giant to do so in the nation, according to Communications Workers of America, the union representing the employees. Staff at the Apple store in... read more