Thrustmaster’s T248 is a great PS5 racing wheel

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Get ready for Gran Turismo 7 Thrustmaster’s new $399.99 T248 is a force-feedback steering wheel and pedal setup designed for the PS5, PS4, and PC. While it’s not quite as premium as some of the more extreme enthusiast gear out there, it’s... read more

A Week In Virginia On A $80,000 Salary

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Welcome to Money Diaries where we are tackling the ever-present taboo that is money. We’re asking real people how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we’re tracking every last dollar.Today: a Licensed Clinical... read more

How Does ‘Grand Theft Auto III’ Hold Up in 2021?

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Rockstar Games/Ringer illustration Twenty years after the release of ‘Grand Theft Auto III,’ an intrepid player travels back in time to experience Rockstar’s open-world opus for the first time On October 22, 2001, Rockstar... read more

How Do You Know What to Run Toward?

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Blog:  Just Visiting I received some nice and thoughtful feedback to a recent post in which I shared the origin story to my own personal theory of a successful transition from one employment path to another: run toward, not from. One comment,... read more

Peter Schiff: Transitory Permanence

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Peter Schiff: Transitory Permanence Via, The inflation that we were emphatically told would be transitory and unmoored continues to persist and entrench. As the troubles gather momentum Washington is doing its best... read more

How to Store and Dispose of Food While Camping to Keep Critters Away

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Going camping this summer? Proper camping food storage and disposal isn’t the most fun part of the great outdoors, but it’s imperative for keeping animals away from your food (and your tent)! There are lots of ways to eat well when... read more

They made homes of illegal basement apartments. Ida's surge killed them.

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Hongsheng Leng used to sell his art in New York's Times Square, where he would set up his works against the backdrop of neon lights and big-box stores. Some pieces he was proudest of were Chinese ink on rice paper — ones he’d name “Bamboo” and... read more

How Bitcoin Hedges Both Inflation And Deflation

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How Bitcoin Hedges Both Inflation And Deflation Authored by Peter St.Onge via CryptoEconomy substack, In the 1970’s, Saturday Night Live had a mock commercial for Shimmer Floor Wax, tagline: “It’s a floor wax AND a dessert... read more

4 things to know before googling health issues

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Paging Dr. Internet, we need a diagnosis. In this series, Mashable examines the online world's influence on our health and prescribes new ways forward. After a year and a half of pandemic, we’ve learned to depend on public health information... read more

‘Strikes are contagious’: Wave of labor unrest signals crisis in tight job market

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Netflix (NFLX). John Deere (DE). Hollywood. Even Starbucks (SBUX). On Wednesday Netflix employees in Los Angeles walked off the job in support of the transgender community, in the wake of continued backlash over Dave Chappelle’s comedy special,... read more