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Human traffickers ‘using UK universities as cover’

Overseas students have vanished from courses and then been found working in exploitative conditionsUniversities have been urged to be on high alert for human trafficking after suspected victims brought to Britain on student visas vanished from their courses and were found working in exploitative conditions hundreds of miles away.In a... go to Article >

Targeted menthol cigarette ads led to high usage among Blacks. Should they be banned?

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After decades of Big Tobacco advertisements splattered across billboards, tucked inside buses and hung outside corner storesin Black and Latino neighborhoods, Henry McNeil "Mandrake" Brown had seen enough.Using the alias "Mandrake," Brown started... read more

6 chicken storage mistakes you might be making

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Dotdash Meredith A lean protein that can easily adapt to countless recipes and flavor profiles, chicken is immensely popular in home kitchens for very good reason. But because chicken can carry several types of bacteria (like Salmonella and E.... read more

With 50 people dead in Texas, here's what you should know about migrant smuggling

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The tragic deaths of at least 50 people in a tractor trailer in San Antonio are an emphatic reminder of the dangers migrants face — and how the risks have only gotten higher as both law enforcement and smugglers use increasingly sophisticated... read more

China To 3D-Print A 590-Foot Dam, Without Human Workers

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Regular people are barely using 3d-printers at home, and 3D-printed homes are not yet commonly printed, but China is already planning to 3d-print a massive dam in Tibet, with an AI-powered design and no human laborers. The endgame is to deliver 5... read more

Tribal leaders sound the alarm after fentanyl overdoses spike at Blackfeet Nation

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BROWNING, Mont. — In summer 2020, as the pandemic was setting in, Justin Lee Littledog called his mom to tell her he was moving from Texas back home to the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana. And he was taking his girlfriend, stepson and... read more

Emails contradict Biden administration denials that EcoHealth Alliance received DARPA funding for virus research

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Newly released documents appear to contradict denials by the the U.S. government that the Defense Department funded activities by EcoHealth Alliance, the controversial nonprofit group that requested a government grant for risky virus research in... read more

Fauci and other top scientists had another secret COVID-19 origins call, records reveal

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A group of the world's top virologists held secretive private discussions in February 2020 on "all theories" of the origins of COVID-19 days after they began drafting an influential article that would attempt to debunk the lab-leak theory, newly... read more

Live updates: About 130 rescued from rubble of Mariupol theater

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As Russia unleashed a new round of strikes in Kyiv and Lviv on Friday, President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke for nearly two hours about the ongoing crisis in Ukraine as the United States seeks to sway China from support of... read more

Elephant tusk DNA can expose poaching networks, new analysis finds

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Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a way of using DNA from elephant tusks to solve poaching mysteries and bring animal traffickers to justice. It's estimated at least 10,000 African elephants are killed each year, with the... read more

The promises journalists make

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In the deluge of stories coming out of the war in Ukraine, what sticks with you? What do you remember? For us, it's the stories of the people who are still in harm's way. When Ukrainians faced with the potential takeover of their hometowns by... read more