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How to get rid of medical debt — or avoid it in the first place

Lori Mangum was 32 when apple-sized tumors sprouted on her head. Now — six years and 10 surgeries later — the skin cancer is gone. But her pain lives on, in the form of medical debt. Even with insurance, Mangum paid $36,000 out-of-pocket, charges that stemmed from the hospital, the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, the pharmacy, and... go to Article >

This group's wiped out $6.7 billion in medical debt, and it's just getting started

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Soon after giving birth to a daughter two months premature, Terri Logan received a bill from the hospital. She recoiled from the string of numbers separated by commas. Logan, who was a high school math teacher in Georgia, shoved it aside and... read more

Drought is driving elephants closer to people. The consequences can be deadly

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The season of searing temperatures will soon begin in northwestern Zimbabwe as the chilly months fade away. But for the villagers of Silewad the return of summer, storms and a new planting season increase the risk of elephants invading their... read more

Does your rewards card know if you're pregnant? Privacy experts sound the alarm

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Last month, a viral Twitter thread sparked fear and debate about the ways consumer data may be stored and shared by big-box stores, and how this could take on a new dimension in a post-Roe world. It began when the user, Nicole, stated that on July... read more

Nebraska cops used Facebook messages to investigate an alleged illegal abortion

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A 41-year-old woman is facing felony charges in Nebraska for allegedly helping her teenage daughter illegally abort a pregnancy, and the case highlights how law enforcement can make use of online communications in the post-Roe v. Wade era. Police... read more

Ruff rescue: Spelunkers save dog trapped in Missouri cave

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A routine cave exploration in Missouri turned into a canine rescue mission when spelunkers encountered a missing dog who had somehow gotten trapped deep underground and couldn't get out.Last weekend, a spelunking team led by experienced cavers... read more

How a U.S. Marine and an Afghan interpreter forged a bond of friendship in Afghanistan

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Zac Zaki was an interpreter for the United States Marines in Afghanistan. The memories of bloody battle are still with him: “Sounds like whistling by your ear and the minefield that you’re walking through on it. You lost your friend, your... read more

How can we help humans thrive trillions of years from now? This philosopher has a plan

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Let's say you're hiking, and you drop a piece of glass on the trail. Eventually someone will walk along the trail and might cut themselves on the glass. You'd be really sorry to hear if it happens to someone you know in a week. But what if the... read more

My brother made it in Lagos — and taught me lessons about my life in London

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I only have one brother. Chinaza is ten years older and so in my earliest memories of him, he was already a teenager. "Leave my room" is a phrase he uttered several times to me. I remember him as loud but nerdy. He didn't have many friends and he... read more

How brain surgeon Henry Marsh went from doctor to patient: ‘I blurted out the question we all ask – how long have I got?’

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For years, the author and neurosurgeon dismissed symptoms of prostate cancer. Then he finally got the diagnosis he’d been avoiding …It seemed a bit of a joke at the time – that I should have my own brain scanned. I should have known better. I had... read more

No more quarantines or test-to-stay in schools, CDC reveals sweeping changes to COVID-19 guidance

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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says Americans no longer need to quarantine if exposed to COVID-19, a sweeping announcement that rolls back several of the agency's pandemic recommendations. In new "streamlined" guidance... read more