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How to Get Business Insurance for Trucking Companies

Truck drivers are required to carry commercial auto insurance, but what about other types of business insurance? While not legally mandated, trucking general liability insurance, business interruption insurance and motor… go to Article >

How Bitcoin Hedges Both Inflation And Deflation

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How Bitcoin Hedges Both Inflation And Deflation Authored by Peter St.Onge via CryptoEconomy substack, In the 1970’s, Saturday Night Live had a mock commercial for Shimmer Floor Wax, tagline: “It’s a floor wax AND a dessert... read more

‘No. 1: Know when to say no’: Marketing execs share their advice for content creators

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We sat down with some leaders on the business side of the creator economy to get their advice for creators looking to develop their careers.  Branded Entertainment Network (BEN) Group brand marketing executives Lindsay Cohen and James Myrick... read more

Horowitz: What we expect from state legislators in the war for our own health freedom

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When King George promulgated the "Intolerable Acts," the colonial legislatures played a leading role in organizing the rebellion against the budding tyranny, which eventually led to the creation of our democratic republic. Two and a half... read more

1 in 3 working families is struggling to find the child care they desperately need

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Natalie Saldana would love to put her 1.5-year-old daughter in a quality child care program while she works and goes to school, but the $700 monthly price tag makes it impossible. "Seven-hundred dollars is almost my rent," Saldana said. Saldana,... read more

50 years ago, The Electric Company used comedy to boost kids' reading skills

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When The Electric Company debuted in October, 1971, television hadn't seen anything quite like it. Psychedelic graphics, wildly creative animation, mod outfits, over-the-top characters and sketch comedy all functioned to serve the same goal:... read more

The Best Way To Protect Your Washington D.C. Property From Termites

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What's yellow and white and orange all over? None other than these sneaky insects with a penchant for wooden objects!  Termites are quite possibly the most destructive insects in Washington DC. These creatures consume wood in order to survive,... read more

All-refugee cooking company shares culture and home through love of food

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Eat Offbeat is one of many catering businesses that had to re-invent itself when COVID-19 struck 18 months ago. But its employees had a little experience with sudden, difficult change: They all came to the country as refugees. And they say... read more

Tech workers recount the cost of speaking out, as tensions rise inside companies

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Former Apple program manager Janneke Parrish received some unwelcome news last month from her manager on the messaging app Slack. "I was told that I was under investigation," she said. Someone had leaked to the press details of a company... read more

Meet Cindy Noir, the TikToker helping 20-somethings feel less alone in the messy world of dating

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She’s the person you turn to when you want to, against all advice, unblock your ex. She can make you feel better when you’re having problems with your self-esteem or mental health. In each of her videos, her skin is glowing in warm, comforting... read more

Futures Flat As Bitcoin Nears All-Time High, Yen Tumbles To 4 Year Low

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Futures Flat As Bitcoin Nears All-Time High, Yen Tumbles To 4 Year Low US index futures were little changed as investors weighed the start of the earnings season against growing stagflation, tightening, energy crisis, China property... read more