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How To Dress Like a Celebrity at the Airport

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‘The hosts are going to destroy everything Airbnb was created to be’: Researcher says hosts are ‘destroying’ Airbnb

3 Days ago Tech Source:

A popular TikToker went viral for claiming to be a researcher who spent months "digging into Airbnb." He says he came to the conclusion "the hosts are going to destroy everything Airbnb was created to be." In the video, Mr. Chris Chill... read more

Still testing positive after day 10? How to decide when to end your COVID isolation

3 Days ago News Source:

Many Americans have wrestled with this dilemma at some point during the pandemic, yet it still seems to come up again and again: When can you stop isolating after a COVID-19 infection? The question is especially vexing if you're feeling better,... read more

A passenger recounts the moment the Amtrak train derailed: 'It was hell on Earth'

5 Days ago News Source:

A passenger on board the Amtrak train that crashed into a truck and derailed in Missouri on Monday, killing four people, has described the accident as "hell on Earth." Charles Hoffman was in one of the carriages that overturned at 12:42p.m. CT on... read more

‘Seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen for him’: Boss rates workers’ outfits as they walk in, sparking debate

6 Days ago Tech Source:

A TikTok showing a boss rating their workers' outfits recently went viral on the platform, sparking considerable debate. In the video, TikTok user Aliona shows someone she claims is her boss writing scores for every person’s outfit on a... read more

Twisted Tea and far-right vloggers: How San Diego is waging an absurd war against antifa

5 Days ago Tech Source:

A grand jury in San Diego indicted 11 individuals for protest-related acts of violence committed against supporters of former President Donald Trump. It’s a case, brought against antifascist protesters, that’s thorough in its absurdity.... read more

How much health insurers pay for almost everything is about to go public

2 Days ago News Source:

Consumers, employers and just about everyone else interested in health care prices will soon get an unprecedented look at what insurers pay for care, perhaps helping answer a question that has long dogged those who buy insurance: Are we getting... read more

How to get rid of medical debt — or avoid it in the first place

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Lori Mangum was 32 when apple-sized tumors sprouted on her head. Now — six years and 10 surgeries later — the skin cancer is gone. But her pain lives on, in the form of medical debt. Even with insurance, Mangum paid $36,000 out-of-pocket, charges... read more

The worst hidden travel fees and how to avoid them

4 Days ago News Source:

With travel prices soaring, customers might be tempted to pick the cheapest base option they find. But the base price of airfare and hotels represents only a fraction of the total costs. A parade of add-on fees await any traveler trying to... read more

How Elizabeth Cotten's music fueled the folk revival

4 Days ago News Source:

As a Black woman playing fingerstyle guitar, Yasmin Williams has been hailed as a "hero for a new generation." She says she often felt like an anomaly- until she discovered a YouTube video of Elizabeth Cotten. "I knew about Sister Rosetta Tharpe... read more

Frustration at Biden and other Democrats grows among abortion-rights supporters

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The rage among pro-abortion-rights protesters in front of the Supreme Court over the weekend was palpable. Plenty of that anger was aimed at the high court, but there was also quite a bit reserved for Democrats.​ "I'm not hopeful at this point... read more