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How to cancel Allstate auto insurance - Cover

How to cancel Allstate Insurance: All insurance companies handle cancellations differently. With Allstate, you must cancel your policy by contacting your Allstate agent. Allstate does not accept cancellations through any other method. go to Article >

Allstate Auto Insurance Review: Features, Pros & Cons, and Costs

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Have you been thinking about getting a policy with Allstate auto insurance? Here’s how to evaluate if they’re the right insurer for you. read more

Southwest is (quietly) doling out 'we're sorry' vouchers to travelers caught in cancellation chaos. Here's how to get one

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The customer emails from Southwest Airlines struck an apologetic tone this week. "You matter to us," one began. "We hope this LUV Voucher will allow our paths to cross again soon so we can have a better experience." Inside: a travel voucher for... read more

How Long Will It Take To 'Normalize'... And What Will 'Normal' Look Like?

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How Long Will It Take To 'Normalize'... And What Will 'Normal' Look Like? Authored by Bill Blain via, “Don’t waste October sun…” Christmas is cancelled as supply chains crumble, stagflation mounts and jobs are... read more

What To Know Before You Cancel a Credit Card

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Kaitlyn O. says, “I'm a big fan of the Money Girl podcast and have been listening for years! A while ago, I racked up substantial credit card debt. So, I opened a balance transfer credit card and worked hard to pay it all off within the 0% APR... read more Rewards Visa Credit Card Review: Is It Worth it?

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Casual travelers with no brand loyalty may benefit from having the , but frequent travelers are better off booking hotels directly with better rewards credit cards. Jump to: Read full review Quick facts... read more

Homeownership Is The Least Affordable Since 2008 With Shelter Inflation About To Explode

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Homeownership Is The Least Affordable Since 2008 With Shelter Inflation About To Explode Yesterday we asked a rhetorical question: how can (record high) home prices be rising so fast that housing is both unaffordable and booming at... read more

Futures Rebound As Energy Prices Soar

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Futures Rebound As Energy Prices Soar US equity futures and European markets rebounded from a tech rout on Monday that was triggered by fears of soaring energy costs, stagflation, tech overvaluation and escalating Chinese property... read more

How to Find the Best Insurance for First-Time Homebuyers

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Most first-time homebuyers are required by their mortgage company to have insurance in place before closing on their new home. It's important to start shopping as soon as you have a ratified contract so that you have enough time to compare quotes... read more

How to Get a Good Driver Discount on Car Insurance

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If you've maintained a clean driving record, you are likely eligible for some kind of reward for being a safe driver — though discounts vary by amount and by insurance company. Good drivers can save anywhere from 10% to 30% on their car insurance... read more

How My Wife & I Moved Forward With Fertility Treatments After Miscarriage & A Stillbirth

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Welcome to Refinery29’s Fertility Diaries, where people chronicle their joyous, painful, and sometimes complicated paths to parenthood. Have your own Fertility Diary to share? Contact us, here.  History: When we first began trying to conceive,... read more