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How the 'Replacement' theory went mainstream on the political right

Following the shooting in Buffalo, N.Y., focus has been trained on the "Replacement" theory, also known as "White Replacement" theory. That's because a white man, who killed 10 Black people and injured three others, posted a 180-page document online that promulgated racist conspiracy theories often referred to as the "Great... go to Article >

A Florida license plate has reopened the debate over the 'Don't tread on me' flag

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When Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently tweeted an image of what he said was a new state license plate featuring a coiled rattlesnake and the words "Don't Tread on Me," he said it sends a "clear message to out-of-state cars." The imagery of the... read more

‘Cool I’m never putting pigtails in my daughters hair again’: Server says she made more money when she put her hair in pigtails

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A woman who says she works as a waitress wanted to test the popular theory by female food service industry workers on TikTok that wearing pigtails will result in more tips from customers. In the clip, she went through the process of changing up... read more

‘So THAT just happened!’: Why everyone is sick of Joss Whedon-style quips

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Over the past couple of years, the tide has turned against quippy dialogue. Often credited to Joss Whedon's influence, this style of self-aware humor is rife in the MCU, exemplified by overused one-liners like "Now THAT just happened!" and... read more

Talk of 'invasion' moves from the fringe to the mainstream of GOP immigration message

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In Republican primary races this year, few issues have come up more in TV ads than immigration. And one word in particular stands out: invasion. A few years ago, that word was confined to the fringes of the immigration debate. Most candidates... read more

The paradox: How democracy can lead to liberalism -- or fascism

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In a truly open society, all ideas can flourish — even those that tear down democracies. New technologies help those ideas spread. So, are fragile democracies the norm? Guests Zac Gershberg, he teaches journalism and media studies at Idaho State... read more

Behind the new study changing how doctors view depression

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You’ve seen the pharma ads saying depression may be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. For years, that’s what the public was led to believe about how antidepressants work. That they corrected a serotonin imbalance in the brain. But a... read more

A Georgia monument was destroyed. Locals blame conspiracy theories.

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Usually when Daniel Graves visits his local coffee shop for breakfast Wednesdays, somebody asks him about the Georgia Guidestones. "It's usually some new Facebook post, or some new YouTube video, or some quirky little thing" that pops up, said... read more

What it's like to watch the women's Tour de France, for the only American to win it

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Anyone wondering how big a deal it is that women once again have their own Tour de France should consider this: Marianne Martin — who won the race in 1984 — says this year's event made her want to be back out on the road, racing again, for the... read more

Meet the new GDP prototype that tracks inequality

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In the early 1930s, the US Senate enlisted a young economist named Simon Kuznets to figure out how badly the economy had been ravaged by the Great Depression, and whether policies were doing much to fix it. Back then, the government did not... read more

Abortion rights shockwave rocks the midterms and 3 other takeaways from primaries

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Tuesday was the biggest primary day left on the 2022 midterm calendar – and there were some telling results that could have implications for this fall, from the state of abortion rights in this country to the risks to Republicans and Democrats... read more