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How much health insurers pay for almost everything is about to go public

Consumers, employers and just about everyone else interested in health care prices will soon get an unprecedented look at what insurers pay for care, perhaps helping answer a question that has long dogged those who buy insurance: Are we getting the best deal we can? Starting July 1, health insurers and self-insured employers must post... go to Article >

For this 89-year-old Gullah Geechee chef, cooking is about heart

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Lots of home cooks would be excited to get a book deal. In the case of one home chef, she got that opportunity at the age of 89 years old. Emily Meggett is from the low country of South Carolina, and NPR traveled to her home on Edisto Island to... read more

A new study says Americans should exercise twice as much. But who's got the time?

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Exercise. You know you probably should do it more. But who’s got the time? “Sometimes I could be at work 16, 18 hours, sometimes a full 24 hours. It all depends on what was on the agenda for that day,” Flagumy Valcourt, officer with the NYPD’s... read more

What the Inflation Reduction Act does and doesn't do about rising prices

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The massive climate, health care and tax bill making its way toward President Biden's desk is called the Inflation Reduction Act. But how much does it actually do to slow consumer prices that are climbing at their fastest pace in about 40 years?... read more

Buy a rural hospital for $100? Investors pick up struggling institutions for pennies

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ERIN, Tenn. — Kyle Kopec gets a kick out of leading tours through the run-down hospitals his boss is buying, pointing out what he calls relics of poor management left by a revolving door of operators. For instance, at a hospital in this town of... read more

A year on, the Taliban savor victory, while other Afghans pay the price

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PATAN KHEL, Afghanistan — "How beautiful is the spring of freedom!" exclaims elegant Pashto graffiti on a highway stop out of Kabul. The graffiti, in a Taliban stronghold, celebrates their forces' sweep into the Afghan capital in August 2021. Now,... read more

My brother made it in Lagos — and taught me lessons about my life in London

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I only have one brother. Chinaza is ten years older and so in my earliest memories of him, he was already a teenager. "Leave my room" is a phrase he uttered several times to me. I remember him as loud but nerdy. He didn't have many friends and he... read more

4 years after a school shooting in a small Texas city, 'There is still a lot of pain'

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In May 2018, after a high school shooting killed 10 people, the Santa Fe, Texas, Resiliency Center opened in a church. Any resident could see a counselor, attend a support group, and take part in a healing mandala coloring class, music therapy, or... read more

Colleges ease COVID-19 restrictions as fall semester begins for millions of students

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Millions of students are heading back to college for their third full academic year since the COVID pandemic hit. But as students move into their dorms and sign up for classes this year, things are different. On many campuses, the masking... read more

A spate of horrific attacks in New York has people fearful of returning to work

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New York City desperately needs it workers to return to the office. Its economy depends on it. But it's facing a particularly tricky problem: After several horrific attacks in the city's subway system this year, workers are telling their... read more

Mystery at Mar-a-Lago: What were FBI agents looking for and what are the consequences?

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Monday's FBI raid on the home of former President Donald Trump — including his safe, according to Trump — has raised eyebrows and questions about what the search could indicate about a possible criminal investigation into the former president and... read more