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How long is food safe to eat after its 'use by' date? Longer than you think.

In a Facebook group focused on Trader Joe’s meal ideas, a woman created a post in February with a photo of the store’s branded Green Goddess Salad Dressing.She’d bought the bottle months earlier, she wrote, and it had a use by date of Dec. 16, 2021. But she hadn’t opened it and it had been refrigerated. The photo of the bottle showed... go to Article >

How long does alcohol stay in your system? That depends on several factors.

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The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention says two-thirds of adults in 2018 drank alcohol. How much obviously varies, but no one wants to end the day with a DUI because they mistakenly believed they were sober when that was not the... read more

Still Testing Positive for COVID-19 After 10 Days? What to Know

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There's a new crop of omicron subvariants circulating around the country, and they seem to be extending our current COVID-19 wave. That's why at-home rapid antigen tests are still an important tool in keeping yourself and your community safe. But... read more

Everything You Need to Know Before Trying CBDfx CBD Products

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If you haven’t tried CBD in an attempt to ease anxiety or get better sleep, are you even in 2022 yet? JK, but srsly — though research is still in its early phases, scientists think cannabidiol (aka CBD) could possibly provide relief for... read more

Coronavirus FAQ: Can I get COVID outdoors? (With printable poster on how to cut risks)

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Outdoor events are way less risky than indoor events when it comes to COVID. They are still, by far, the safest way to gather as the country continues to see high levels of cases and rising hospitalizations. But "way less risky" is not "zero... read more

VidCon takeaways: Our favorite tips, tricks, and tools for sustaining and scaling creator careers

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Both old and new creator economy brands, business leaders, and creators gathered at 2022’s VidCon. While much has changed—with a push toward short-form content and gaming—in our eyes, the dominating themes of the conference’s panels revolved... read more

'Overwatch 2' is free, stripped of Loot Boxes, and led by new rules. Is it enough?

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How do you follow a legend like Overwatch? That's the question the Overwatch 2 team needs to answer in its sequel, which arrives on Oct. 4 as a wholesale replacement of Blizzard Entertainment's bona fide cultural phenomenon, which first launched... read more

Travel hacks: Ways it pays to read the fine print

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Fine print – the tiny legalese that appears just before you click to book a trip, check a bag or use a credit card or you suddenly hear about in the event of a long flight delay or an overbooked flight – is often seen but not read. But taking the... read more

The best insulated water bottles for staying hydrated this summer

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You’ve heard it before: water is life. OK, so not everyone needs to drink eight glasses of water a day — that’s a fast track to spending the entire day in the bathroom — but keeping hydrated throughout the day has many benefits.It keeps your body... read more

Patrick Baldwin Jr. fell from a top NBA Draft prospect. Now he’s trying to build himself back up

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How Patrick Baldwin Jr. plans to salvage his career after falling from a top NBA Draft prospect CHICAGO — Patrick Baldwin Jr.’s spot in the 2022 NBA Draft was supposed to be secure well before he came to the combine. If things... read more

Pandemic babies are behind after years of stress, isolation affected brain development

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Wearing a tutu and a messy ponytail, CJ RainingBird, 4, sprawls out on her carpeted living room floor, scribbling on a notebook. She looks up eagerly after completing each pen stroke, her eyes widening and her mouth stretching... read more