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Horowitz: Why did Scotland experience a spike in infant deaths?

One of the most durable public health trajectories over the past 50 years has been the consistent decline in infant mortality in countries with first-world health care. Yet in September, Scotland experienced such a spike at least in neonatal deaths that it rivaled levels not seen since the 1980s. What on earth would cause such a... go to Article >

Horowitz: Mysterious gynecological ailments reported as stillbirths rise in some countries. Coincidence?

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"The effects of the COVID-19 vaccine on sperm, a pregnancy, a fetus, or a nursing child are not known." ~Pfizer’s informed consent document There’s a reason why we don’t offer novel therapeutics, especially those with numerous side effects already... read more

Horowitz: The Israeli data that nukes the Pfizer vaccine: What did Pfizer know and when did they know it?

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Last year, Philip Dormitzer, the chief scientific officer at Pfizer, described Israel as “a sort of laboratory” to “see the effect” of his company’s vaccines. Well, it took over a year into the vaccine drive that injected most Israelis with three... read more

Horowitz: The Pentagon’s RESPONSE to the explosive DOD medical data is an even bigger story than the data

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One thing is clear about the revelation of the 2021 military epidemiological data and the military’s response to it: There is undoubtedly a public health and national security crisis in the military, and the Pentagon’s reaction only seems to be... read more

Horowitz: The country the COVID cultists don’t want to discuss

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It’s the dirty “I” word that shall not be named. And by that, I don’t mean ivermectin, but Israel. During the lockdowns, the COVID cultists ignored the existence of Sweden as the ultimate control group on the greatest experiment on human... read more

Horowitz: More VAERS-reported vaccine deaths in our military than COVID deaths

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Both political parties are salivating to draw our military into the Russia-Ukraine war, but neither of them seems to care about what our own leaders have done to these soldiers. It is now abundantly clear from numerous data points that the shots... read more

Horowitz: 5 ways DOD’s recalibrated health surveillance data looks like a fraudulent attempt to cover vaccine injury

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For the past two months, and possibly even earlier, the Defense Health Agency’s Armed Forces Health Surveillance Division has been systematically changing the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) health surveillance data for active-duty... read more

How New England caught the COVID deaths much of the country missed

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It was the tail end of a cold Massachusetts winter when many of Dr. Larissa Lucas' nursing home residents stopped eating and drinking. Others were sleeping more than usual, or especially groggy during their waking hours.  There were no high... read more

Horowitz: Record infections in super-vaxxed UK seniors as double-vaxxed show negative efficacy against COVID death

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Just because Volodymyr Zelenskyy is the new Fauci, it doesn’t mean COVID is over. In fact, cases are surging in many European countries, and U.K. seniors are now experiencing record numbers. “Covid infections surge to record high for over-70s in... read more

Horowitz: Leave Africa alone and stop forcing the shots it clearly doesn’t need

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To quote Rep. Thomas Massie, “We are 100 weeks, 2 presidents, 7 trillion dollars, 3 jabs, and a shredded Constitution into slowing the spread.” And what have we gotten for it? Here is a chart worth 7 trillion words comparing the results of... read more

Horowitz: Who will be the first governor to block the Pfizer injection for babies?

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The perception in the body politic is that the Democrats want an off-ramp from COVID and that many people have realized the existing failures were a catastrophic mistake. However, just as we were confronted with some of the worst battles... read more