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Horowitz: The country the COVID cultists don’t want to discuss

It’s the dirty “I” word that shall not be named. And by that, I don’t mean ivermectin, but Israel. During the lockdowns, the COVID cultists ignored the existence of Sweden as the ultimate control group on the greatest experiment on human civilization of all time. Now they don’t want to acknowledge the existence of Israel as the... go to Article >

New biography 'Putin' takes a deep dive into the Russian leader

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Vladimir Putin may be the most dangerous man in the world. But longtime foreign correspondent Philip Short is taking a closer look into the Russian President’s story. Short’s new book “Putin” examines Putin’s life and how he became the leader he... read more

Roth: Biden is impoverishing the middle and working classes

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The Democrats used to claim they were the party of the middle and working classes. While that hasn’t ever been true, it is now out in plain sight.At every turn, the government is coming after more and more of your wealth, giving money to cronies... read more

International flights: What to know

66 Days ago Travel Source:

Know what to do before, during and after your flight Dreaming of an international trip? Whether you're embarking on your first backpacking adventure, or just want to hit the beach in a far-flung locale, check out this guide to finding cheap... read more

As fears about public safety loom, many NYPD officers leave the force

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New York City police officers are leaving their jobs at what some officers and experts say is an alarming rate, and not enough new recruits are taking their place. Even as 561 new police recruits were sworn in earlier this month, hundreds of... read more

Horowitz: Gun violence, the real red flags that no one talks about

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Democrats love guns. They have a policy of leaving no gun felon behind. So long as you actually assault someone with the gun or possess it after having committed a violent crime, you are a protected class in need of “criminal justice reform.” God... read more

Horowitz: States must revisit the Commerce Clause to combat the fed’s controlled demolition of the economy

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If the Biden administration appears apathetic to the crushing price of fuel, it’s actually because it relishes this an opportunity for fundamental transformation. As Biden said during one of the presidential debates, he would ensure there is “no... read more

Horowitz: There is no good federal response to school shootings

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They are not coming for your guns; they are coming for your bodies. Unlike most other policy issues, Republicans tend to be united about guns and rarely submit to pressure – even when induced by a tragedy like Uvalde – to promote broad gun control... read more

Deace: American sovereignty is about to be overruled by the World Health Organization. For your own good, of course.

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May the spirit of Catholic Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone be upon us. For his clarity in putting chronic heresy hound Nancy Pelosi in the penalty box is also what is needed from regular Americans, if we don’t wish to be permanently governed by... read more

In New York City, the end of COVID deals leaves many struggling to find affordable housing

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When the pandemic first began, many landlords in places like New York City offered prospective renters perks, such as waiving broker fees or free rent for a month. Those deals are long over, and many parts of the country are seeing double-digit... read more

Horowitz: Why won’t McConnell author ‘framework’ for locking up gun felons?

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Here’s a novel idea for controlling gun violence and acting on “red flags.” Rather than the feds incentivizing states to “red-flag” those who haven’t committed a crime, why not incentivize states to keep those who actually shoot people with guns... read more