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Frustration at Biden and other Democrats grows among abortion-rights supporters

The rage among pro-abortion-rights protesters in front of the Supreme Court over the weekend was palpable. Plenty of that anger was aimed at the high court, but there was also quite a bit reserved for Democrats.​ "I'm not hopeful at this point that this is something that will be federally protected. I have as little faith in Democrats... go to Article >

Meet the teenager who helped push Florida toward cleaner energy

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MELBOURNE, Fla. — For most of his 15 years, Levi Draheim led a beachy life on a barrier island on Florida's east coast, swimming, surfing and sailing in the nearshore waves. He dreamed of someday becoming a marine biologist. But Levi's world is... read more

Abortion rights shockwave rocks the midterms and 3 other takeaways from primaries

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Tuesday was the biggest primary day left on the 2022 midterm calendar – and there were some telling results that could have implications for this fall, from the state of abortion rights in this country to the risks to Republicans and Democrats... read more

Democrats say voters are watching the Jan. 6 hearings, but it's not their top issue

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The Jan. 6 select committee hearings have riveted many in Washington over the summer, but their political impact on key races around the U.S. appears to be limited. House Democrats on the front lines of fighting off a red wave in November's... read more

In Kansas and Arizona, voters defy expectations to chart their own course

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Everyone who knows anything about politics knows something about Kansas and Arizona — or thinks they do. But things we all know for sure can turn out to be wrong. It's at least worth taking a second look at Kansas and Arizona, which we all knew... read more

Meet the Fed, the latest superpower to emerge from Washington's shadows

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This past week, in the midst of many competing events, the nation's news-aware and money-savvy cohorts gave their undivided attention to a professorial-looking fellow calmly reading from a piece of paper. The bespectacled reader was Jerome Powell,... read more

Conservative blocs unleash wave of litigation to curb public health powers

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Through a wave of pandemic-related litigation, a trio of small but mighty conservative legal blocs has rolled back public health authority at the local, state and federal levels, recasting America's future battles against infectious diseases.... read more

Debra Messing melted down in a call with the White House over Dobbs decision and then they sent her TikTok talking points

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Hollywood actress Debra Messing melted down over the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade in a conference call with the White House, and it responded by sending out talking points to use on TikTok. CNN reported the details about the Democrat... read more

Progressive group says running Biden as the 2024 Democratic presidential nominee 'would be a tragic mistake,' and that it will campaign to ensure...

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The progressive group RootsAction will campaign to prevent President Joe Biden from becoming the Democratic presidential nominee during the 2024 election cycle."Unfortunately, President Biden has been neither bold nor inspiring. And his prospects... read more

'My body, my choice': How vaccine foes co-opted the abortion rallying cry

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In the shadow of L.A.'s art deco City Hall, musicians jammed onstage, kids got their faces painted, and families picnicked on lawn chairs. Amid the festivity, people waved flags, sported T-shirts and sold buttons — all emblazoned with a familiar... read more

For doctors, abortion restrictions create an 'impossible choice' when providing care

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Now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, medical ethics experts say many physicians will be caught in a bind: unable to fulfill their professional obligations to provide care to their pregnant patients because of state laws that... read more