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Fox News reporter sends Psaki into spin mode when he confronts her over Biden's apparent travel ban hypocrisy

White House press secretary Jen Psaki went into spin mode Monday when confronted by a Fox News reporter about President Joe Biden's apparent hypocrisy in enacting a travel ban on eight African countries. Biden announced the travel ban — which went into effect Monday — last week at the same time the World Health Organization... go to Article >

The Rittenhouse Verdict: Media's "Social Justice" Delusions Versus Actual Justice Backed By Facts

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The Rittenhouse Verdict: Media's "Social Justice" Delusions Versus Actual Justice Backed By Facts Submitted by QTR's Fringe Finance By now, most people know the basic facts of why Kyle Rittenhouse is on trial. He either "provoked... read more

Rochelle Walensky says CDC is 'pivoting' the language of what it means to be fully vaccinated

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said the health agency is pivoting on the CDC's language of what it means to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. "And what we really are working to do is pivot the... read more

Michigan State University allows nearly 15,000 basketball fans at sold-out games but shuts down in-person learning in January

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Michigan State University won't allow for in-person learning until the final day of January, but at the same time had no problem opening up the school's arena for nearly 15,000 screaming fans to attend every Spartans' home basketball game this... read more

Kyrsten Sinema refuses to back down after Arizona Dem Party takes unanimous action against her

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Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D) was unanimously censured by the Arizona Democratic Party on Saturday, but the centrist Democrat refused to bow to increasing pressure. In a statement after the censure, spokeswoman Hannah Hurley said that Sinema's... read more

When asked about why Hollywood lectures Americans about politics, Goldie Hawn explains: 'I stay in my lane'

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There is an obvious political slant in Hollywood toward Democrats and liberal ideologies. But Goldie Hawn is reminding Hollywood celebrities that their job is to entertain the public no matter what political affiliations they have. "The Center... read more

Carhartt faces boycott after keeping COVID vaccine mandate for employees: 'Boycott Carhartt until they break'

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Clothing brand Carhartt, known for producing apparel for blue-collar workers, is facing a tidal wave of backlash after the company vowed to enforce a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for its employees. What did Carhartt do? One day after the Supreme... read more

Kirk Cameron delivers rousing speech at March for Life rally: 'Our hope is not in the White House ... our hope is in the power of God working in...

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Actor Kirk Cameron delivered a rousing speech at the March for Life and made an appearance on Fox News, where he revealed that the "tide is turning" in how society views abortion — even in progressive Hollywood. "Most of us have someone in our... read more

Rookie NYPD police officer murdered in sudden ambush-style attack, second officer left in critical condition

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One New York City police officer was killed and another was critically injured after they were ambushed "suddenly" and "without warning" while responding to a domestic call Friday night. What are the details? Officers Jason Rivera, 22, and... read more

Bill Maher says he's 'never' getting a COVID-19 vaccine booster: 'What the f*[**] is the use of a booster shot?'

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Comedian and television host Bill Maher questioned the usefulness of COVID-19 booster shots during an interview with Deadline and said that he will not be getting one. Some people who have been fully vaccinated and received a booster shot have... read more

Jan. 6 Committee calls on Ivanka Trump to voluntarily provide her testimony

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The congressional committee investigating the Jan. 6 rioting at the U.S. Capitol formally asked Ivanka Trump to voluntarily answer questions about former President Donald Trump's behavior during the attack. The daughter to the former president... read more

Brian Laundrie left a murder confession before committing suicide, FBI reveals

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed that Brian Laundrie had left a written confession about the death of Gabby Petito before committing suicide. The disappearance of Petito in September grabbed national headlines after her fiancé,... read more