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Detect cloud native security threats with Tracee

The cloud native threat landscape is constantly evolving. Research from Aqua’s Team Nautilus in 2021 revealed higher levels of sophistication in attacks and an increase in volume of attacks targeting container infrastructure. The study showed that vulnerable containers could be exploited in less than an hour, underscoring the... go to Article >

Android 13 brings themed app icons, security tweaks

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Android 13, the latest version of Google’s popular mobile OS, has arrived, with new features for developers such as themed app icons, per-app language preferences,  and better text support. The release also brings new privacy and security... read more

Alibaba's OceanBase distributed database aims at markets outside China

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Alibaba and its financial services arm, Ant Financial, have launched a new version of the OceanBase distributed relational database for markets outside China.Dubbed OceanBase 4.0 and released last week, OceanBase can run on single... read more

BrandPost: With Composable, Big Memory Solutions Based on Intel Optane Persistent Memory, Liqid, and MemVerge Build a Bridge to Future CXL Performance

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Liqid, the world’s leading software company delivering data center composability, today announced it is collaborating with big memory solutions pioneer MemVerge and technology industry leader Intel to deliver composable memory solutions for big... read more

The generalities and specifics of cloud sustainability

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As in all complex issues, something may be generally true but not true for a specific situation. This seems to be happening with cloud computing as a sustainable technology for businesses looking to get the public relations and ESG... read more

How SaaS transforms software development

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Back in the early days of the internet, there weren’t many internet applications. Instead, applications were overwhelmingly written for the Windows, Linux, and Macintosh operating systems. “Software delivery” often meant copying a binary to a... read more

Why edge computing matters for modern software development

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Businesses are always trying to improve the reliability and performance of their software for users, while at the same time trying to reduce their own costs. One strategy that accomplishes both of these goals at the same time is edge... read more

Is open source leadership helping Google?

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Google’s love for open source has never been a secret. Though I once made the mistake of taking Google director Chris DiBona to task for not doing even more, the reality is that no company contributes more to open source than Google. This was... read more

8 open source projects taking collaboration to the next level

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Open source projects are all about creativity and collaboration, and the process really shines when the project itself supports teamwork. Working together to create software for working together might seem very meta, but the results are quite... read more

What goes in a metacloud?

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I’m often taken aback by the lack of details we get these days around concepts that are important to enterprise computing. With hybrid cloud and multicloud, for example, you’ll get different answers depending on who you ask and their own bias.... read more

What’s the Go programming language really good for?

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During its decade-plus years in the wild, Google’s Go language, aka Golang—with version 1.18 out as of March 2022—has evolved from being a curiosity for alpha geeks to being the battle-tested programming language behind some of the world’s most... read more

Angular 15 promises to simplify development

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Angular 15, a planned upgrade to Google’s TypeScript framework for web development, will stabilize standalone component APIs, simplifying application building, and offer a new way to compose UI logic, the company announced.Angular 15 is... read more