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Democrats say voters are watching the Jan. 6 hearings, but it's not their top issue

The Jan. 6 select committee hearings have riveted many in Washington over the summer, but their political impact on key races around the U.S. appears to be limited. House Democrats on the front lines of fighting off a red wave in November's midterm elections say voters are paying attention to new details about the Capitol attack that... go to Article >

The heartbreak and cost of losing a baby in America

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The day after his 8-month-old baby died, Kingsley Raspe opened the mail and found he had been sent to collections for her care. That notice from the collections agency involved a paltry sum, $26.50 — absurd really, given he'd previously been told... read more

Answers to NYT poll's Trump-focused questions say more about Democrats than Trump

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The latest New York Times poll asked respondents several questions about former President Donald Trump. Interestingly, the answers revealed more about Democrats than anything about Trump himself.What are the details?The latest New York Times/Siena... read more

What to expect at this week's U.N. General Assembly

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NEW YORK — World leaders are gathering in Manhattan for the 77th United Nations General Assembly this week — the first entirely in-person General Assembly meeting since the start of the pandemic. Heads of state, heads of government and top... read more

Biden's speech walks a fine line in its attack on MAGA Republicans

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Democrats have picked up some momentum this election cycle with wins in multiple special elections, following the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v. Wade. And the FBI search of former President Trump's Florida home has thrust Trump back into... read more

Poll: Abortion and inflation collide as top issues in midterm elections

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Both major political parties are facing crosswinds heading into the 2022 midterms, with Democrats and many independents motivated by the issue of abortion, while Republicans have the advantage on the economy, according to the latest NPR/PBS... read more

Experts say a Trump-backed charity is pushing the boundaries of tax law

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In a Washington, D.C., townhouse just blocks from the U.S. Capitol, multiple figures connected to the failed plot to overturn the 2020 election have coalesced around an increasingly influential organization: the nonprofit Conservative Partnership... read more

Is America a democracy or a republic? Yes it is

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What do we call the system of government in the U.S.? Are we a democracy or a republic? The conundrum is, well, as the common expression goes, "as old as the republic itself." But it's not just a question for scholars and semanticists any more.... read more

Voters in these states could make big changes to how their elections are run

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This fall, Michigan and Nevada feature competitive, top-of-the-ticket elections for offices like governor. But that's not all. Voters in the swing states could also make significant changes to how their elections are administered. Michigan and... read more

Some Republicans in Washington state cast a wary eye on an election security device

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In northeast Washington state, a remote region nestled against the Canadian border, the politics lean conservative and wariness of government runs high. Earlier this year, a Republican-led county commission there made a decision that rippled... read more

At the Jan. 6 hearings, race isn't discussed much. Still, it's a central issue

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In the opening moments of the Jan. 6 Committee hearings, Chairman Bennie Thompson drew a line across history, connecting the Lost Cause to the Big Lie. "I'm from a part of the country where people justify the actions of slavery, the Ku Klux Klan... read more