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Democratic Rep. Sean Maloney says that there is 'broad agreement in our caucus' that Democrats 'have a likability problem'

Democratic Rep. Sean Maloney of New York has said that his party has "a likability problem."During an interview conducted last month by the New York Times editorial board, but only recently published, Maloney was asked if he saw any areas where elected Democrats were not in line with Democratic voters."Well, the way I've often put this... go to Article >

Student loan forgiveness is politically popular. But not all Democrats are on board

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President Biden's announcement to forgive up to $10,000 in federal student loan debt and up to $20,000 for Pell Grant recipients has ignited enthusiasm from progressive Democrats lawmakers. But the plan's high cost has put some moderate Democratic... read more

Democrats say voters are watching the Jan. 6 hearings, but it's not their top issue

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The Jan. 6 select committee hearings have riveted many in Washington over the summer, but their political impact on key races around the U.S. appears to be limited. House Democrats on the front lines of fighting off a red wave in November's... read more

The first Gen Z candidates are running for Congress — and running against compromise

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It isn't hard for Maxwell Alejandro Frost to name political moments throughout his childhood that have stuck with him. "Turning on the TV and seeing a bunch of people sleeping outside of Wall Street talking about something called 'wealth... read more

Tuesday brought more evidence abortion rights could help Democrats in November

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Abortion rights once again appeared to be a key motivator for Democratic voters, and the party establishment showed it still has an advantage, with election results in New York and Florida Tuesday night. A win in a key special election in New York... read more

Republicans turn to military veterans to help flip control of House in midterms

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In the 1970s three of every four lawmakers in Congress had served in the U.S. military. That number is now down to about one in six. Republicans are looking to a group of diverse group of veterans who are candidates this cycle to change those... read more