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Could Super Bowl Monday ever become a national holiday? Here's what would have to happen

There's plenty of hype and anticipation for Super Bowl Sunday. But the Monday after the big game can feel like a letdown – whether you had a team to pull for in the event or not.  Super Bowl parties can spill over into late Sunday night. And that can leave revelers – as well as those who traveled to the game or traveled to gather and... go to Article >

Remembering the Oak Creek killings, a harbinger of white supremacist violence

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But for a notebook, it could have turned out very differently. They were supposed to be at the Gurdwara, a Sikh house of worship, but Pardeep Singh Kaleka's daughter had made them turn back around. "It was only because my daughter had forgot a... read more

A brain injury cut short Briana Scurry's soccer career. It didn't end her story

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Soccer star Briana Scurry still remembers the day she knew she wanted to be an Olympian: It was 1980, and Scurry, then 8 years old, watched on TV as the underdog men's U.S. Olympic ice hockey team beat Team USSR in Lake Placid, NY. "I was so... read more

These gun deaths didn't make national headlines, but they left a devastating mark

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Note: This article discusses gun violence in all its forms, including suicide. For every mass shooting that dominates the headlines, there are scores of deaths like Quinton Scott's that most people never hear about. On July 4 — the same day a... read more

Republicans embraced a solution to school violence. Now some are denouncing it as 'woke.'

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ARLINGTON, Texas — In October, after a student opened fire at Timberview High School in North Texas, wounding two classmates and a teacher, parents in the Mansfield Independent School District initially rallied together, praying publicly for the... read more

Infertility patients fear abortion bans could affect access to IVF treatment

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After battling with infertility for several years, Melissa says she finally saw a glimmer of hope through in vitro fertilization. She and her husband started working with a fertility center in Grand Rapids, Mich., in March 2021 and have produced... read more

The Senate passed a bill to help sick veterans. Then 25 Republicans reversed course

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Updated July 29, 2022 at 2:58 PM ET Veterans and their loved ones gathered in Washington, D.C., on Thursday for what was supposed to be a long-awaited celebration. The Senate finally was poised to pass a bill that would provide health care and... read more

'I can't die. I'm busy': Brain cancer patient and his mom save lives by pushing care in new ways

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Lisa Ward's son Jace has been gone for a year. But his impact on the care of children with brain cancer continues. Lisa makes sure of that.Jace, of Wamego, Kansas, was 20 and a sophomore at Kansas State University when he was diagnosed with... read more

Trump didn't act and didn't want to, plus 4 other takeaways from the Jan. 6 hearings

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In the early evening of Jan. 6, after former President Donald Trump finally and reluctantly put out a video telling rioters to go home, after hours of staffers urging him to do so, he had only one thing to say. "Mike Pence let me down," Trump told... read more

Whitlock: We should scrap Juneteenth, aka George Floyd Day, for a holiday commemorating America’s 1865 rebirth

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I spent a lot of time this weekend contemplating “Juneteenth,” our newest federal holiday. I first heard of it in 1985, when a college football teammate from Texas chastised a group of us for being unaware of the celebration. He explained the... read more

Gains Playing Hard to Get? Here Are 9 Reasons You’re Not Getting Stronger

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Photo Edit by Wenzdai Figueroa Strength is — Ron Burgundy voice — kind of a big deal.  It’s what allows us to lug the groceries from car to fridge. It’s what keeps us from mutilating our muscles on the playing field. And it’s undoubtedly the... read more