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Cloud security risks remain very human

Talk about cloud security and you’re likely to discuss provider-focused issues: not enough security, not enough auditing, not enough planning. However, the biggest cloud security risks continue to be the people who walk beside you in the hallways. According to the latest “Top Threats to Cloud Computing” report by the Cloud Security... go to Article >

How can we help humans thrive trillions of years from now? This philosopher has a plan

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Let's say you're hiking, and you drop a piece of glass on the trail. Eventually someone will walk along the trail and might cut themselves on the glass. You'd be really sorry to hear if it happens to someone you know in a week. But what if the... read more

What experts think companies should do when ransomware strikes

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WASHINGTON — Over recent years, cybercriminals have targeted governments and small businesses alike in massive digital heists — making hundreds of millions of dollars in 2021 alone in exchange for unlocking victims' systems. As the attacks got... read more

How a U.S. Marine and an Afghan interpreter forged a bond of friendship in Afghanistan

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Zac Zaki was an interpreter for the United States Marines in Afghanistan. The memories of bloody battle are still with him: “Sounds like whistling by your ear and the minefield that you’re walking through on it. You lost your friend, your... read more

New Peaches, new problems: 'A League of Their Own' makes a successful move to TV

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It's 1943, and Carson Shaw is running as fast as she can. Specifically, she's running to catch a train that will take her to Chicago for the tryouts of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, meant to fill a gap in baseball created... read more

Cosmic journalism

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When NASA scientists saw the first images from the Webb Space Telescope, they were so blown away they realized they should let the president show them to the world. When journalists saw the first images, they were so blown away they dug deep into... read more

What it's like being a woman in Afghanistan today: 'death in slow motion'

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On early Monday morning, just before the break of dawn, a 23-year-old Afghan journalist packed her bags, said quiet goodbyes to her family and left her home in a carefully mapped and cautiously executed plan. "My heart was beating so fast for the... read more

Russia-Ukraine war: what we know on day 166 of the invasion

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UN warns of possible ‘nuclear disaster’ after plant hit by shelling; ships carrying foodstuffs sail from Ukrainian portsRussia-Ukraine war: see all our coverageRussia is strengthening its positions and numbers on Ukraine’s southern front to ready... read more

What Biden's low approval ratings and high-profile wins could mean for the midterms

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Updated August 5, 2022 at 11:22 AM ET It's been a busy few weeks for President Biden. Despite a rebounding case of COVID, he has been able to tout the killing of al-Qaida's top leader, falling gas prices, the passage of a major domestic... read more

How people, pets and infrastructure can respond to extreme heat

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Extreme heat continues to blanket much of Europe and North America, with some 55 million people across the U.S. facing either heat warnings or advisories as of early Friday and weekend temperatures predicted to reach triple digits in many regions.... read more

Ex-rebel sworn in as Colombia's president in historic shift

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BOGOTA, Colombia — Colombia's first leftist president will be sworn into office Sunday, promising to fight inequality and heralding a turning point in the history of a country haunted by a long war between the government and guerrilla groups. Sen.... read more