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Big bucks for wide receivers is market is bad news for several other positions

There are currently 12 wide receivers in the NFL with contracts that earn them an average annual value of $20 million or more. Nine of those contracts — Chris Godwin, DJ Moore, Cooper Kupp, Davante Adams, Tyreek Hill, Mike Williams, A.J. Brown, Terry McLaurin, and Stefon Diggs — were signed during this offseason. Just…Read more... go to Article >

Why investigate one patient's charges?

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A feature in health care journalism is the deep dive into medical bills. With the series Bill of the Month, NPR and Kaiser Health News regularly investigate specific bills to shed light on the costs of care in the United States. This type of... read more

How a wrinkle in the oil futures market has clogged America's oil pump

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The oil market right now is what the experts like to call 'tight'. They're referring to the supply side of the supply-demand equation: the amount of oil being released onto the market is comparatively low, or tight. Demand for oil, on the other... read more

A shortage of health aides is forcing out those who wish to get care at home

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A lot has changed in Jonathan Miller's life in the past decade, but one thing that's remained consistent is his house. The brick two-bedroom, ranch-style house in West Des Moines, Iowa, is filled with Jonathan's art, photos, puzzles and a... read more

The startup Fast is a hit in Silicon Valley. But its CEO raises eyebrows in Australia

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In 2010, Australian entrepreneur Domm Holland had an idea: he was going to punk the country's largest airline. He had bought the domain for just $20 and practically waved it in the face of Qantas Airways. "The domain name could be... read more

Does Myles Brennan get to keep his NIL deals? We asked Leigh Steinberg

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After five years, a championship ring, two major injuries, three starts, an entry into the transfer portal, a coaching change, and an exit from the transfer portal, sixth-year LSU quarterback Myles Brennan announced on Monday that he would be... read more

Should the Detroit Lions play on Thanksgiving? | Nate Burleson

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Did the Guardians win the Francisco Lindor trade?

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Perhaps the biggest bane of modern baseball is most teams’ aversion to keeping the biggest stars in the game, or even having them in the first place. Only a few teams are willing to pay the best players what they’ve earned, and everyone else is... read more

Decoldest Crawford’s first NIL commercial is wonderful

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I know these days there are many people who start watching games a half hour late so they can fast forward past all the commercials, or spend their football Sundays watching seven hours of commercial-free football with Scott Hanson.Read more... read more

Mike Tomlin should get it over with and just start Kenny Pickett

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“What is this if not betrayal? She sent you after me knowing you’re not ready, knowing you would likely die. Mommy was very bad.” - Raoul SilvaRead more... read more

Projections on Trey Lance flipped after only five passes in a preseason win over Green Bay

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San Francisco 49er second-year quarterback Trey Lance turned heads in his first preseason start against the Green Bay Packers. In less than an hour, Lance went from being a huge question mark to the next Patrick Mahomes. Lance also changed... read more

Dodgers down an arm but still possess depth

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In a time when it felt like nothing could go wrong for the Dodgers, something went wrong.Read more... read more