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Awake Mission To Earth: Recycling Has Never Been So Classy

We have followed Awake since the company introduced good-looking watches made of recycled ocean plastic. However, its new Mission To Earth special edition (250 units) pushes the concept to the (luxury) limits and demonstrates it is possible to build a classy, high-end watch with recycled materials.For instance, the watch’s body is made... go to Article >

What a decade of Curiosity has taught us about life on Mars

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Ten years ago, engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab celebrated the successful landing of its fourth robot on Mars, The Curiosity rover. Now old enough to enter the fifth grade, the Curiosity rover was set on its mission in 2012 to determine... read more

An ex-Marine details the chaotic exit from Afghanistan — and how we should mark it

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It's been almost a year since the Taliban took over Afghanistan again and the U.S. military pulled out of the country. As the withdrawal unfolded, Marine Corps veteran Elliot Ackerman was watching the chaos from a distance. He was on a family... read more

A NASA telescope will soon show us the universe as we've never seen it

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Later today, the world should see something remarkable: an image of some of the first galaxies to form in the universe. The picture will come from NASA's new, $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope. NASA had planned to release it tomorrow as part... read more

Short-term profits and long-term consequences — did Jack Welch break capitalism?

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Long before the reign of Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos, there was Jack Welch. Welch, who headed up the General Electric Company from 1981 and 2001, is often thought of as the first celebrity CEO, a businessman who wowed investors and... read more

12 best sustainable products to replace for Earth Day 

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Earth day is right around the corner. This year, why don’t you ring it in by switching over to some eco-friendly products? Those paper towels you use every day? Well, there's an eco-friendly version. Same with your everyday batteries, water... read more

NASA advisors call for a visit to Uranus, plus more science during Moon landings

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A robotic mission to orbit Uranus. A probe that can land on a potentially life-supporting moon of Saturn. And a better plan for astronauts to do high-quality science on the Moon. These are among the top priorities outlined in a new report from an... read more

Better Than Silk: These Bamboo Sheets Are a Dream

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Looking for a sleep experience that’ll give you the three Cs? (That’s cool, comfy, and climate-friendly, FYI.) Bamboo might be your bed’s best bud. Sheets made from bamboo have a reputation for being both breathable and temperature-regulating... read more