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Accused school gunman’s half-brother says teen ‘seemed like an average kid’

“The Ethan I knew was just a smart boy who just seemed like an average kid,” Eli Crumbley, 18, told the Daily Mail on Wednesday. go to Article >

The Winners and Losers of NFL Week 16

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Getty Images/AP Images/Ringer illustration Joe Burrow refused to stop scoring, and nearly broke a 70-year old record. Plus: Jonathan Taylor is working his way into the MVP conversation. Every week this NFL season, we will... read more

How Immanuel Quickley Became the Exciting New Name at Madison Square Garden

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Cody Pearson Quickley got to New York as something of an unknown, but after his first season, he’s become a fan favorite. Now, he’s eager to see what both he and the Knicks at large can accomplish in Year 2. Immanuel... read more

What students see as cheating and how allegations are handled

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84% of students agree at least somewhat that their colleges are fair about the way they handle cheating accusations. Image:  How acceptable is it to use study websites, or Google, to find answers to test or homework questions? What about... read more

Ferguson: Omicron Sounds The Death Knell For Globalization 2.0

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Ferguson: Omicron Sounds The Death Knell For Globalization 2.0 Authored by Niall Ferguson, op-ed via, On top of an intensifying cold war between the U.S. and China and other seismic changes, the rapid spread of... read more

There’s No Prospect Like Evan Mobley

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Jay Torres The USC 7-footer has a chance to be a generational player in the NBA, thanks to his unique talents and an equally one-of-a-kind upbringing Evan Mobley’s family had a fish tank, filled mostly with oscar and... read more

Sharife Cooper is the 2021 NBA Draft’s Point God in training

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How Sharife Cooper grew into the 2021 NBA Draft’s most electric playmaker. Sharife Cooper spent the longest 72 days of his life wondering when he’d finally be able to get back on the basketball court. He had just started playing... read more

A Complete Statistical Breakdown of the ‘Zoey 101’ Basketball Game

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Nickelodeon/Ringer illustration In the mid-2000s, the Jamie Lynn Spears–starring show became a minor phenomenon for Nickelodeon. And it all started with a hoops showdown. Thirty years ago this week, a rising but... read more