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A year on, the Taliban savor victory, while other Afghans pay the price

PATAN KHEL, Afghanistan — "How beautiful is the spring of freedom!" exclaims elegant Pashto graffiti on a highway stop out of Kabul. The graffiti, in a Taliban stronghold, celebrates their forces' sweep into the Afghan capital in August 2021. Now, a year later, the Taliban preside over a divided country with a battered economy, where... go to Article >

What to expect at this week's U.N. General Assembly

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NEW YORK — World leaders are gathering in Manhattan for the 77th United Nations General Assembly this week — the first entirely in-person General Assembly meeting since the start of the pandemic. Heads of state, heads of government and top... read more

In the Taliban's Afghanistan, the near-broke central bank somehow still functions

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A recent visit to Afghanistan showed a country facing an economic crisis. The banking system has seized up. Credit cards aren't working. Afghans abroad struggle to send money to relatives back home. Under the direction of the Taliban, which seized... read more

A new credit card code is a first step toward preventing gun violence, advocates say

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Gun control advocates are cheering a new change in the credit card industry that they say could help prevent gun violence. This week, credit card companies Visa, Mastercard and American Express all said they would adopt a new code to categorize... read more

Afghans in a battle-scarred valley welcomed Taliban rule, but expect more

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TANGI VALLEY, Afghanistan — One year after the Taliban captured Afghanistan, people see their new rulers one way in the city — and another way in the countryside. The urban-rural divide was apparent during the war, when Kabul became a center of... read more

What it's like being a woman in Afghanistan today: 'death in slow motion'

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On early Monday morning, just before the break of dawn, a 23-year-old Afghan journalist packed her bags, said quiet goodbyes to her family and left her home in a carefully mapped and cautiously executed plan. "My heart was beating so fast for the... read more

Amid humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, US rules out releasing billions in frozen funds

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The Biden administration has decided it won’t release any of the roughly $7 billion in U.S.-based assets held by Afghanistan’s central bank, according to State Department spokesman Ned Price.“We don’t see recapitalization of the Afghan central... read more

These photos show who is (and isn't) included in the Taliban's Afghanistan

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One year ago this August, the Taliban raised their white flag over Afghanistan's capital for the second time, pulling down the tricolor flag of the republic that had endured for the two decades between. Their victory gave the radical religious... read more

Afghanistan's depleted dining rugs are a reminder of hunger and loss

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In January 2021, Yahya Rasa returned home with pride to Kabul, Afghanistan. A boisterous celebration and an elaborate meal of Afghan delicacies awaited him after completing his master's degree in business management in Malaysia. "Being the first... read more

Secret schools enable Afghanistan's teen girls to skirt Taliban's education ban

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KABUL, Afghanistan – Inside a small room in a house on Kabul's outskirts, about ten teenage girls are defying their Taliban rulers who have banned them from attending secondary school. "Let's learn," one student slowly reads to another as they... read more

'Thank You for Your Servitude' casts harsh light on GOP's shift and its motives

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The nation's readers may not be crying out for yet another book about former President Trump and his era, but many will make an exception for a book by Mark Leibovich. That is why Thank You for Your Servitude: Donald Trump's Washington and the... read more