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A passenger recounts the moment the Amtrak train derailed: 'It was hell on Earth'

A passenger on board the Amtrak train that crashed into a truck and derailed in Missouri on Monday, killing four people, has described the accident as "hell on Earth." Charles Hoffman was in one of the carriages that overturned at 12:42p.m. CT on the trip between Los Angeles and Chicago. "I was riding backwards, so that was a blessing... go to Article >

A 70-year-old man in Gaza needed open heart surgery. It was a race against time

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GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — What does it take for a 70-year-old man to get heart bypass surgery in Gaza, when he is cordoned off from the rest of the world in a territory with just two heart surgeons left? It takes jostling through crowds of patients... read more

Hero Boy Scouts applauded for courageous and selfless acts during deadly Amtrak train derailment

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There were approximately 275 passengers and 12 crew members on board an Amtrak train when it derailed in Missouri on Monday. Among the travelers on the ill-fated train were two Boy Scout troops heading home to Wisconsin from a 10-day backpacking... read more

An Amtrak train collides with a truck and derails in Missouri

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A passenger train traveling from Los Angeles to Chicago derailed in Missouri on Monday afternoon and initial reports indicate that some people aboard were injured, Amtrak said. The Southwest Chief was carrying about 243 passengers when it collided... read more

Three people killed as Amtrak train hits dump truck and derails in Missouri

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Southwest Chief train crash left at least 40 injured in remote rural area, according to unconfirmed reportsThree people were killed and several others were injured when a passenger train traveling from Los Angeles to Chicago struck a dump truck... read more

NPR hosts share their experiences covering the war in Ukraine

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Since February, NPR has had a rotating team of hosts, producers, reporters and editors in Ukraine and surrounding countries, covering the war and the stories of people who are affected by it. Social Media Associate Sommer Hill sat down with a few... read more