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9 Rental Sites like Airbnb You May Not Know (but Definitely Should)

If the idea of staying in a cozy cabin, luxurious multi-bedroom house or sleek city apartment while on vacation is infinitely more appealing to you than a classic hotel stay, then it’s likely you have Airbnb bookmarked and ready to peruse any time wanderlust hits. But the app isn’t the only option for booking non-traditional... go to Article >

You Can Get Stronger and Healthier as You Age!

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Some of you long-time readers may recall that both my parents passed away a few years back from frailty. My mom was 82, and passed before my dad who was 89. It was deeply saddening to see them deteriorate so rapidly, even more so that I... read more

How to Store and Dispose of Food While Camping to Keep Critters Away

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Going camping this summer? Proper camping food storage and disposal isn’t the most fun part of the great outdoors, but it’s imperative for keeping animals away from your food (and your tent)! There are lots of ways to eat well when... read more

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 review: A sequel that's better than the original

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What a difference a year makes. When Microsoft first unleashed its not-a-smartphone, not-a-tablet Surface Duo into the wild in the fall of 2020, the world was in the midst of a very dark time. The on-the-go productivity habits which normally saw... read more

Is It Worth the Squeeze? 9 Benefits You *Might* Get from Grapefruit Essential Oil

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If you can’t deal with fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice, no worries. You can still enjoy some of the citrus fruit’s benefits via its essential oil. Grapefruit essential oil is made through a process called cold-pressing, where oils are... read more

Le Creuset’s newest cast-iron grill pan is on sale for $55 off

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Our team is dedicated to finding and telling you more about the products and deals we love. If you love them too and decide to purchase through the links below, we may receive a commission. Pricing and availability are subject to change. There... read more

The best cheap web hosting services to help you claim a spot on the web

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We're feeling a little philosophical, so riddle us this: If a tree falls in the woods, does anyone hear it? And if you don't have your own website in the ever-crowded wilderness of the world wide web, do you really even exist? Well, yeah. The... read more

A Week In Central Pennsylvania On A $50,000 Salary

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Welcome to Money Diaries where we are tackling the ever-present taboo that is money. We’re asking real people how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we’re tracking every last dollar.Today: an assistant athletic... read more

Dealing with college students’ learning loss: The Key podcast

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Image:  Learning loss -- the idea that pandemic-era students failed to stay on the learning trajectory they would have been expected to follow in normal times -- is much discussed in elementary and secondary education. But it isn’t talked... read more

Get Down With One of These 8 Delightful Down Pillows

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Looking for a sign you’ve officially made it to adulthood? Well, you’re reading an article about down pillows (and we’d wager you’re kinda pumped about it). These luxe headrests are definitely an investment — the kind of thing you might get... read more

Away Carry-On Luggage Review: Is It Worth It?

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One of the most popular luggage brands on the market, Away carry-ons are good quality, stylish and worth the money for those in search of a reliable bag. Jump to: Read full review Quick facts... read more