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10 of the Best Kids Activities in Lancaster County, PA

It’s about that time of the year again! The kids are home from school for the summer and are itching for an adventure. It’s an exciting time! But for mom or dad, it can be stressful trying to plan unique, fun things for your children to do.  Skip the stress – this list has 10 […] go to Article >

What parents, teachers and students should know about the CDC's new COVID guidelines

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The new school year is underway and so are new federal guidelines to curb the spread of COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released updated recommendations on Thursday, largely loosening virus protocols and leaving much of... read more

How people, pets and infrastructure can respond to extreme heat

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Extreme heat continues to blanket much of Europe and North America, with some 55 million people across the U.S. facing either heat warnings or advisories as of early Friday and weekend temperatures predicted to reach triple digits in many regions.... read more

Kids flying solo guide

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Whether traveling to camp or school or heading off to visit family, sometimes allowing your child to fly alone just can't be avoided. When a child flies without the presence of a legal guardian, they are referred to as an "Unaccompanied Minor" and... read more

She wanted to vaccinate their kids against COVID. He didn't. A judge had to decide

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Heather and Norm have had their share of disagreements. Their separation seven years ago and the ensuing custody battle were contentious. But over the years, the pair has found a way to weather disputes cordially. They've made big decisions... read more

Proposal to start 'After School Satan Club' at elementary school — a Satanic Temple program — goes down in flames

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A school board of Pennsylvania's Northern York County School District voted overwhelmingly against an "After School Satan Club" starting at one of its elementary schools as tempers flared among those who attended Tuesday's meeting.... read more

It's safe to unmask in many places, says the CDC. These experts aren't quite ready

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Friday's change in masking guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention comes as many states and cities across the U.S. are starting to – or already have – ease up on mask mandates. According to the new CDC metrics, about 70% of... read more

Rebuild or leave? In a flood-prone Tennessee town, one family must decide

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Two weeks after the flood, after the water smashed through apartment buildings down the road, after it wrecked the local supermarket and two schools, and carried off cars like bathtub toys, Gretchen Turner sat in a chair on her porch taking... read more

People with 'medium COVID' are caught in a gray area of recovery with little support

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Waves of fatigue. The inability to smell milk that has gone bad. A racing heartbeat. These are just a few COVID-19 symptoms that can linger after an initial coronavirus infection. Though they may not always amount to the debilitating cases of... read more

Eviction filings are up sharply as pandemic rental aid starts to run out

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Emergency rental aid has helped keep millions of people in their homes during the pandemic. But that federal program will start winding down this summer, when it expects to have allocated all of the $46 billion from Congress. About half of that... read more

Grandmother threatens cop with witchcraft unless felony drug charges against grandson are dropped, police say

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A western Pennsylvania grandmother threatened to use witchcraft against a police officer if felony drug charges against her grandson aren't dropped, WTAJ-TV reported, citing a state police report. What are the details? Celestia Barker III,... read more