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‘Better Call Saul’ New Teasers Promise a Return to Nebraska in Final Episodes

With “Better Call Saul” set to begin airing its final six episodes in just nine days, AMC has begun a round of promotions for the send-off to the series. As the show’s chronology begins to approach the events of “Breaking Bad,” viewers are preparing to see some familiar faces, including the return of Bryan Cranston’s […] go to Article >

'Better Call Saul' might be the greatest of all time — if it can stick the landing

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Better Call Saul, the AMC show which serves as both a prequel and a sequel to Breaking Bad, has been outstanding ever since it debuted in 2015. Depending on how well it sticks the landing in the final episodes of its sixth and final season, it... read more

As 'Better Call Saul' wraps, Bob Odenkirk reflects on his life-changing heart attack

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As the Breaking Bad prequel and spin-off Better Call Saul wraps up its final season, series star Bob Odenkirk says there's a point in the current season when he brought a whole new energy to the role. That's because Odenkirk suffered a near-fatal... read more

Jan. 6 hearings chip away at Trump's hold on GOP, as 2024 hopefuls circle

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When Casey DeSantis was introducing her husband, Ron, to Florida voters in an ad during his first run for governor four years ago, she insisted he was "so much more" than a Trump devotee. He was a caring dad who played with their son, read him... read more

Better Call Saul mid-season finale: The beginning of the end, and a shocking death

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The trap is set. Salamanca shows up? He goes down. Better Call Saul’s mid-season finale that aired on Monday night, titled “Plan and Execution,” was many things. It was the beginning of the end for the show, as the episode served to tee up a final... read more

Bethenny Frankel considers these cast members ‘the Mount Rushmore of Housewives’

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Bethenny Frankel knows the workings of the "Real Housewives” reality TV franchise like few else.After all, she was a founding member of “The Real Housewives of New York City” back in 2008, left the series in 2010, returned in 2015 and left once... read more

11 hours to get to Breaking Bad? Better Call Saul’s impossible task

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The clock is ticking on the masterful show that’s known for spectacularly slow storytelling. How will its final season find the time to go full Saul Goodman, resolve Kim’s story and take us to the brink of Walter White?Read our episode recaps... read more